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This morning I said a prayer for the state of Israel. She will be facing some troubled times in the wake of The Obama administration betraying them to Iran and its nuclear ambitions. This reeks of the same kind of Jimmy Carter-brokered deal that Klintoon gave North Korea. In the first link is an article that says Obama has warned Israel and Saudi Arabia not to try to attack Iran without his permission.

The frightening thing to me is I don’t know if he’s so mentally unstable he actually believes he’s a king or if this is just for consumption by his political idolators. A case could be made that the lower his poll numbers slide the more power he tries to grab. We can make ourselves feel better that his poll numbers are bottoming out and the democrats will pay a price next year. Poll numbers don’t mean a thing because he’s going nowhere.

The democrats are threatening revolt of the Obamacare website isn’t fixed by Dec. 1. When it comes time to put up or shut up,they’ll shut up.

Boehner is assuring Barry he’ll get amnesty done before the end of the year. McConnell promised to let dems keep running the show even if the republicans were to gain a majority next year. He can do 4 fundraisers today,golf whenever he wishes, and feel secure knowing nobody’s going to stop him.

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