Don’t tell your parents!

D or R School assignment - Don't tell your parents



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  2. I love this site for its facts and well-presented layouts (kudos CtH & PP) but this is a whiff. The kids were maybe, maybe not told to tell their parents — 6th graders aren’t the most reliable source of information.

    But the thing I really wanted to see — the way the questions were worded or slanted — was illegible both here and at the primary source. The questions / definitions are factual, everything else is heresay.

    From the blurry bit I could make out, most if not all questions were slanted to favor the KKKK (Kool Kids Kommie Klub … it’s a thing I’m hoping will catch on), e.g. “do you believe everybody should have health care regardless of income,” instead of “do you believe you should be forced to pay for somebody else’s doctor visits?”


    • chrissythehyphenated

      ITA with you, Jane. I presented this anyway, because the title of the assignment was clear and easy to read. Regardless of slant or telling parents, I thought the question itself was wholly inappropriate for the age group.

      To my knowledge, sixth graders do not study modern politics at all. I didn’t. My kids didn’t. And my google for “sixth grade social studies curriculum” confirmed it.

      In addition, the issues listed (which can be barely discerned if you squint real good! LOL) are way beyond 10-11 year olds.

      When I was in 8th grade (1967-1968), my teacher ditched the state curriculum and set up a few weeks of students “debating” the Vietnam War, which was big news.

      I remember clearly having NO IDEA what the issues were and the teacher did not enlighten us. We “debated” without any training in debate or even how to research the issues.

      Even then, it felt to me like we could do little but parrot what our parents said at home. I feel this is what this assignment was trolling for and that is totally inappropriate.


  3. GP

    Common Core aka commie core
    Soon to sweep Amerika.