More policy cancellations coming next fall

Next autumn, 50 to 100 MILLION Americans who are employed by small businesses (500 or fewer employees) will have their employer-based health insurance policies canceled — right before the mid-term elections.

The Obama administration has tried to downplay this autumn’s round of policy cancellations by belittling the “small percentage” of Americans who buy insurance privately and blaming “greedy” insurance companies.

That “small percentage” represents 15 MILLION Americans.

Employer-provided health insurance is an anomaly, so let’s put this in terms of cars and car insurance. Most of us buy and insure our own vehicles, right?

When Obama sneers at those who bought independent health insurance, he’s saying they were just too DUMB to do what most of us do with our car insurance.

As for the allegedly “greedy” insurance companies … when Pelosi and other ObamaCare apologists say, “There’s nothing in the ACA that forced insurance companies to cancel policies”, they’re literally telling the truth.

And they’re totally lying out their liar holes.

All of this is Obamacare

I know some people get a vehicle with their jobs. Some people also get housing with their jobs. And just think how screwed they are when they lose those jobs or just decide it’s time for a change. It’s bad enough quitting or getting fired. Some folks stay in jobs they hate because they can’t risk losing their health coverage.

Freeing people from the yoke of employer-based health insurance was at the heart of the Republican plans in 2010 … all half dozen that were proposed and that the Democrats and media shouted over and over did not exist.

According to Democrats, the ONLY solution to any problem is to give the government more power, more money and more control over our lives. Did you vote Democrat? How’s that working out for you?

Lost your insurance policy yet? Had your favorite doctor cut out of the policy you’re now permitted by the Nazis at the Dept of HHS? Can you even afford that policy’s high premiums and higher deductibles? How about the alternative of no insurance, which would mean health care will be out of pocket and you’ll be taxed thousands of dollars per year for not having bought that policy you hate and can’t afford?

Krauthammer’s Take: Obamacare Arbitrary System ‘Nobody Else Has Devised in History of Man’ [1:55]



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  1. GP

    Not to mention it was democrats who started tying healthcare to business in the first place.