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I purposely waited to post until after The Bamster did his snake oil sales pitch today. Now I’m regretting my decision. Every site on the web is offering their analysis of his presser,and I’m posting a link to a few of them. But this is our blog and I’ll throw in my opinion for what it’s worth.

To do any real damage,he needs to retain the dem majority in the Senate and regain control of the House. To that end,and in response to mournful cries from his acolytes who face righteous anger from their constituents over the Obamacare disaster,he waved his hand and what was illegal yesterday became legal today. He will “allow” insurance companies who had previousy cancelled insurance policies to continue them for one year…until after the 2014 elections. There is no word if insurance companies could or would comply,and if so,at what cost. All this does is shift the blame for this massive debacle off the Nubian Nitwit and back on insurance companies. And they’re none too happy.

He thinks,in his twisted mind,that he can do this without consulting Congress. After all,elections have consequences,right??


Don’t offer them any help. Don’t worry about feeling like you need to do something to show the folks back home how much you care. The fuse in this powder keg is lit and it’s growing short. Best be as far away as possible when it detonates. Why give them a free pass until after the election? Is your memory so short you don’t recall being wrongfully blamed for the shutdown when you proposed to do precisely what the dems are doing now? Don’t look for any honesty from the media;they don’t want you here either. If you don’t man up and grow a pair you will squander the best,perhaps last chance to set this country aright.

When Barry started taking pre-approved questions from his whores,it took about 10 minutes of shucking and jiving before they changed the subject and started asking him about Iran. Right on cue. About then DW brought me in a bowl of soup and after eating there were all kinds of items all over the internets.






These are the ten most vulnerable democrat senators we must target to unseat





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2013_11 14 Ocare on the way to a train wreck by Terrell

One month ago, the Fox New poll showed Democrats ahead by 8 points in the generic congressional ballot.

Republicans now lead by 3 points.

2013_11 12 FOX poll - BHO approval

2013_11 12 FOX poll - BHO approval specifics

Nov 13: HHS reported that “more than 100,000 people have selected a health care plan through the ObamaCare exchanges.” NOTE the use of the key word: SELECTED. Obama wanted to have 500,000 health care plans PURCHASED by October 31. It’s mid-November and the best they can claim is that 100,000 people have managed to get into the web site, make an account, shop the plans, and choose one to put into their online shopping carts. Unless and until these people go back and again manage to get into the web site, access their accounts, open their shopping carts and click on BUY, the “100,000 people have selected” means exactly nØthing.

Nov 13: House Democrats delivered a fix-it-or-else ultimatum to President Obama, giving him until Friday to produce an affordable solution for the millions of Americans losing their health plans under ObamaCare — or risk some of them jumping ship and backing the Republican solution to allow all Americans to enroll in any current policy, even if it is banned by ObamaCare. Naturally, since the Democrats are in an uproar and his signature legislation is a train wreck, Captain ZerØ left town to enjoy yet another fundraiser with his glitterati bffs. He’ll also give a speech on not-healthcare so he can charge taxpayers for the trip.

2013_11 13 SS scandal again



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