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Hitting and running…before somebody hits back.

Not much new,it just seems posts I plan to keep short don’t always turn out that way.









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I would be remiss if I did not add my totally inadequate tribute to those who preserved our way of life by defending us from foreign tyranny in two world wars. I am heartbroken when I think of all the pain and hardship those who came before endured  to keep us free and strong only to have her weakened and debased by liars and thieves that turned away from God and seek to diminish us for their own personal power. This thread is not about politics. It is about those who displayed unmatchable valor against impossible odds and prevailed.

In April, 3 of the last 4 surviving members of the famous 1942 raid on Tokyo led by James J. Doolittle met for the last time on the 71st anniversary of their infamous raid. It was about 6 months after Pearl Harbor and the nation was hungry for some positive news. The raid itself didn’t do a lot of physical damage,but the emotional blow to the Japanese and the morale boost to Americans was incalculable.

There are 80 engraved silver goblets,each engraved twice. At each reunion,the living drank a toast while the deceased had their goblets displayed upside down.The final toast was from a bottle of vintage 1896 cgnac that was given to them by their late commander Doolittle.

The curtain is coming down on a breed of hero we’ll never see again.600x357


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Veterans: Thank you for your service

John 15 13

2013_11 11 Veterans Day

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Movie recommend: The Way

The Way - movie recommend

I hesitate to say anything much, because I think watching this movie is like going on a retreat or making a pilgrimage. It’s going to affect each person differently. It’s too deep and too slow for kids, but for adults looking for a rich journey that will stay with them after the movie ends, it’s wonderful.

They filmed it on the Camino, so there’s scenery, culture, religion and history, if you like that kind of thing. It’s gender-neutral with that “going from here to there” thing that guys seem to enjoy combined with the “characters in a slice of life” thing that gals seem to prefer. Zero action, sex, violence, language. A little bit of mild drug, drink and smoking. Very respectful of personal faith issues.

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To whine or not to whine

Whenever we encounter trials, we have a choice.

We can either become bitter and hostile toward God.

Or we can respond in the way that allows Him to bring most benefit to us.

He’s all-powerful, so it’s easy to whine.

“How could a loving God allow this to happen to me? He must hate me! I’ll hate him right back!”

But he’s not a torturer any more than

the surgeon who slices you open to cut out disease or the teacher who piles on the homework to get you ready for your exams is a torturer.

He gave you free will, so yes, you can push Him away. And He’ll respect that decision.

It’ll cost you an eternity in Hell, but hey … it is your choice.

The only alternative is to embrace His will for your life, in which case He will see the job of making you perfect through to the end,

regardless of the suffering it may cost you … or Him.

When faced with a trial, instead of focusing on escape, we need to humble ourselves before the Almighty and let Him teach us.

Only then will we have any hope of arriving at that point where the Father can say without reservation that He is well pleased with us.

We can rejoice when we believe God is in control


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Please keep praying for the victims of Haiyan

2013_11 Haiyan - ship in flattened homes

2013_11 Haiyan - birth


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