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So Barry sort of apologized to those who do not worship at the altar of his greatness for being too ignorant to appreciate that his lies are for your own good. His entire life is predicated on deception,treachery and cold-blooded tyranny. He met with some wobbly dems at the Spite House yesterday and told them he would allow them to criticize his healthcare plan as long as they do not try to delay the individual mandate.

As Laura Ingraham tweeted:’Mr. President,if you like your apology,you can keep it.’




Odd Jobs, Portraits of Unusual Occupations








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Dorkmeisters in the “real” media

After Glenn Beck tweeted this …

2013_11 07 Beck tweet about Falwell

… mockery about Beck seeing zombies hit the twitter-verse from Left-olisters at TIME magazine, the New York Times, the New Yorker, New York magazine, Huffington Post, Rolling Stone magazine, Business Insider and Buzzfeed.

  • A woman who has won both an AP award and an Emmy for journalism retweeted Beck saying, “I laughed out loud.”
  • The Senior Political Columnist for Gannett New Jersey newspapers retweeted Beck saying, “He died years ago.”
  • Somebody at the Daily Intelligencer helpfully included a link to Jerry Falwell’s obituary with this snarky tweet: “Zombie Jerry Falwell Is Roaming the Streets of Asheville.”

What none of these quote unquote journalists did was google the name Jerry Falwell … you know … to see if there was some OTHER guy named Jerry Falwell. Like Jerry Senior’s son, Jerry Junior, who is Chancellor of Liberty University, and who recently lost a lot of weight. Duh.


Michelle Malkin pointed out their arrogant ignorance and tweeted:

A lot of you smug lib journos owe @glennbeck a 75lb apology. Oh, and stop deleting your tweets already. @TwitchyTeam

An associate editor at New York magazine and a political reporter at Business Insider both tweeted back to Michelle:


I guess they takes their cues from that unapologetic, lazy, lying Leftie in the White House.




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Please pray for victims of Haiyan

The most powerful storm ever to make landfall.

Katrina vs Haiyan

Category-five super typhoon Haiyan is ravaging the Philippines with winds approaching 200 mph early Friday, causing mudslides, flash flooding and storm surge waves up to 30 feet.

Millions of people in the country have fled to search for safety. Winds this bad can blow apart storm-proof shelters due to the pressure they create.

“It is the most powerful storm ever to make landfall,” Weather Channel lead meteorologist Michael Palmer told NBC News. “It is as strong a typhoon as you can get, basically.”

The storm slammed the islands of Leyte, Samar and the northern part of Cebu Province early Friday. Forecasters said the system will eventually move on to Vietnam and Laos.



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Obama Democrats stealing from AIDS victims? Yawn.

It’s been TWO MONTHS since the Chicago SUN-TIMES published this story:

2013_09 09 13 charged, 6 pled guilty

Aren’t we glad Democrats are taking over the entire health care system in the country? Cuz like they’re so ABOVE us all in the caring, compassion, trustworthiness and knowing better than we do what’s best for our families departments?

When I googled “13 charged embezzle”, these were the top hits.

Top hits for 13 charged embezzle google

I didn’t find a major news outlet reporting on this until page three of my search results … and that was a FOX story about a DIFFERENT case of embezzlement.

Can anyone honestly say this would not have made national headline news instantly if the sticky-fingers had belonged to 13 REPUBLICANS, particularly if two of them had ties to any of the people Obama and his cronies loathe and despise?

Remind me again how much publicity the Left Stream Media gave to George Zimmerman who was ACQUITTED and how much they did NOT give to abortionist Kermit Gosnell who was CONVICTED?


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Media bias (again and again and again)

EVERY time there’s a violent crime in the headlines, the Left Stream Media immediately starts screaming RIGHT WINGNUT, TEA PARTY and DAMN THE NRA.

A day or two later, after somebody who is an actual journalist finds out who the perp actually was, the Left Stream Media is suddenly Oh-So-Uninterested in what always turns out to be that person’s LEFT WINGNUT political affiliations.

It happened again this week with the LAX shooter. I saw lefties tweeting anti-right slogans even as the shooter was still unknown and at large. But, as per usual, the LAX shooter (aka, Paul Anthony Ciancia) was a registered Democrat.

“Liberals With Guns!” by Wild Bill for America [1:57]



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Today’s number is FOUR

1. Sesame Street – Number Guy – Four [:32]

2. More than FOUR million people have received cancellation notices on those policies they liked, but can’t keep.

3. A FOUR million dollar federal grant went to hire folks to enroll Delawareans in ObamaCare.

4. So far, they’ve racked up FOUR enrollees.




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