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We may know a little more about the direction the country is headed by the end of the day.If your thought is ‘due south..way,way south,you’re probably right.

Remember when we had a first lady that epitomized grace,class and poise?Never threw lavish White House parties for her A-list friends?Didn’t travel the world at taxpayers’ expense then tell us how mean we all are?Insist her face be in front of us from every television show and magazine to show off her $500 sneakers and $8.000 jackets?Who was happy being a wife and mother and content in letting them have the spotlight?


I think I miss her more than W sometimes.


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Funniest EVER book placement at B&N

2013_11 04 B&N shelf tweeted



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Boston Marathon Bombing … inspiring follow ups

On April 15, 2013, Celeste Corcoran went to the Boston Marathon with her husband, Kevin, and daughter, high school senior Sydney, to cheer on Celeste’s sister, Carmen, who was running in her first marathon. The bombs took Celeste’s (47) legs; Sydney (18) suffered near-fatal shrapnel wounds.

Celeste and Sydney get an inspiring visit from the Marines [2:55]

They each took their first steps in June. [:33]

In October, they were interviewed by NBC.

VIDEO embedded @ http://www.today.com/video/today/53294921#53294921


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Adopt A Pray-er

Adopt an Anti

The #1 abortuary in Alabama started a fund-raiser called “Adopt an Anti” in which pro-aborts “adopt” a specific pro-lifer who habitually comes to the clinic to pray, promising to make a $5 or $10 donation to the clinic each time the adoptee shows up.

Seriously! An ADOPTION campaign at a clinic that offers NO adoption services for pregnant women who might want to choose something other than infanticide.

‘Bama Students for Life responded with their own fund-raiser called “Adopt an Abortion Abolitionist” in which pro-lifers adopt a specific group member and makes a donation to Students for Life whenever that person goes to the clinic to pray.

  • Adopt an Anti plans to use the funds they raise to help kill more babies.
  • Students for Life plan to use the funds to help support needy young mothers.


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More of that Democrat Civility

The Republican candidate for Virginia’s next Lt. Governor is Conservative Black Christian, E.W. Jackson. He believes in marriage between one man and one woman and he pulls no punches when he compares the Planned Parenthood abortion business with the KKK.

“The justification for slavery is in a sense the same as the justification for unfettered abortion, which is, the victim is not a real person, he’s not a human being and therefore has no rights that we are bound to respect.”

As per usual … Lefties freely hurl racial epithets like “Uncle Tom” in his direction, because Democrats totally believe that everyone with dark skin belongs on the Democrat plantation. Cuz … you know … people with dark skin are too stooooooooooooopid to think for themselves. /sarc

And just to cross all the tees in “There is no such thing as Democrat Civility”, Jackson’s White Democrat opponent, Ralph Northram, refused ON CAMERA to shake his hand or even make eye contact with him. (See at 6:30 in video linked below.)

2013_11 04 White Dem refuses to shake hands with Black Rep

Northram and the Democrat’s pick for governor, Terry McAuliffe, have portrayed themselves as centrists, ever ready to “reach across the aisle” … but the video shows Northam won’t even reach across his chair.

And speaking of Democrat Hypocrisy … last week, some Tolerant Democrat vandalized one of Jackson’s signs with white paint. Can you imagine the RAAAAAAAAAAACISM outcry if Jackson were a Democrat?

2013_10 28 Black Republican candidate's sign defaced

Also, in local “Democrat Civility” news … we had GOP yard signs stolen again this week. You just gotta love that hands-across-the-aisle, First-Amendment-respecting, coexisty-tolerance, dontcha?


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