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What can a Christian accomplish through meditation?

2013_11 02 Pope Francis tweets - Prayer

Meditation can be an important aid to faith that strengthens and matures the human person.

In meditation, a Christian seeks silence so as to experience intimacy with God and to find peace in his presence.

Techniques of meditation that promise to bring about an experience of God, or even the soul’s union with God, are con jobs.

God cannot be compelled to show up by particular methods.

In meditation, a Christian hopes for the sensible experience of his presence, knowing this experience — if it happens — is an undeserved grace, a pure gift from God.

God is sovereign; He communicates himself to us when and how he chooses.

Catholic Catechism section (2720-2724) and other references:


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No HOPE of PRIVACY at Healthcare dot gov

Abandon HOPE

Jim Angle says he called the Obamacare 800 number “from an unlisted number & gave personal cell as my phone.” They refused to talk to him, because “you appear to be in the media.” And how exactly did they KNOW that?!

Speaking of NO PRIVACY, check out this scary true tale! Justin Hadley of North Carolina logged on to Healthcare.gov and was given links to two downloadable letters about the eligibility of two total strangers in South Carolina. He reported them. They’re still there.

A government memo, obtained by The Associated Press, shows that administration officials at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services KNEW that Healthcare.gov had lousy security. The site was granted a temporary security certificate so it could operate.

When confronted with the document, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told Congress the Healthcare.gov system is secure. Oh well … I guess that makes everything okay. NOT.



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