You can keep your what?

NO to govt health care

Insurance companies are booting doctors off the Medicare Advantage program, because federal funding for the program is being cut back by billions of dollars.

One health carrier alone, UnitedHealthcare, is terminating contracts with up to 2,100 doctors in the New York metro region. About 8,000 elderly Medicare Advantage New Yorkers were using those doctors.

Brooklyn physician, Dr. Jonathan Leibowitz, was notified in late October that as of January 1 he will no longer be eligible to receive payments from Medicare Advantage program. He has 30 patients on the program. “A patient can’t see his doctor? What are they doing!” he asked.

Alfred Gargiulio, who has cerebral palsy with a seizure disorder, has been seeing Leibowitz since 1993. “Obama had said I could keep my doctor. Now they’re doing away with my doctor. They kicked him out! After 20 years, that’s not right. We love Dr. Leibowitz,” said Gargiulio.



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3 responses to “You can keep your what?

  1. We apparently have no right to privacy under the Leftist jackboot.

    Jim Angle says he called the Obamacare 800 number “from an unlisted number & gave personal cell as my phone.” They refused to talk to him, because “you appear to be in the media.”


  2. Speaking of NO PRIVACY, check out this scary true tale! Justin Hadley of North Carolina logged on to and was given links to two downloadable letters about the eligibility of two total strangers in South Carolina.