October 31, 2013: The Federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans upheld most of the Texas law that provides more rigorous health and safety standards for abortion clinics.

Texas abortion law graphic

Included in the provisions that went into effect immediately was the requirement that abortionists maintain local hospital privileges. About a third of Texas’ 41 abortion clinics are without hospital privileges and must stop providing abortions.

Among these is late-term abortionist Douglas Karpen, who was ratted out by four former employees for doing illegal, post-24-week abortions and murdering any babies born alive. Karpen remains under an open criminal investigation.

Also in the provisions that went into effect immediately … lowering the gestational age at which unborn Texans become “persons” deserving of protection under the law. The limit was 24-weeks. It is now 20-weeks. Texas lowered the limit based on evidence that unborn babies feel pain, making abortions unacceptably cruel.


Nov 1, 2013: Effective Immediately, Appeals Court Allows Texas Abortion Law to Take Effect

Read the court decision here:

Click to access PP%20v.%20Abbott%20Appeals%20Court%20Decision%2010312013.pdf

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