Chrissy’s Halloween Corner

Pumpkin Pi humor

Pumpkin Orthodontic Jack

Pumpkin Sherlock

Halloween FOOD party dip

Halloween PEOPLE Happy Halloween to RCOTUS

Halloween People Two plastic soldiers

Halloween People Plastic Army guy

2013_10 31 Dubya and gd

Halloween Catholic kids costumes

Halloween COW I'm a milk truck

Halloween DOG Firefly fansHalloween DOG Dreaming big

Halloween CAT ears


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9 responses to “Chrissy’s Halloween Corner

  1. I love the first picture… Pumpkin PI 😆


  2. So cute! The veggies are making me hungry.


  3. GP

    George looks like he is really enjoying retirement, and probably loving watching King Barry diving in the polls .
    The beginning of his vindication.


  4. I love the pumpkin with braces! Some people are so clever.


  5. Oh, the kids dressed as saints are adorable! (reminds me of going around as St. Michael the Archangel–not technically cross-dressing as he’s not actually, yanno, male) The little Little Flower got extra coos. . .


    • Little Flowers is my fave too. SOOOOO cute. Anyone know who the Bishop is? It’s a GORGEOUS costume. Really nicely made.


      • I was thinking maybe St. Nicholas? I think a St. Patrick would be in Green . . .(eh, all those clergy look aloke to me. . . which is kinda the point of vestments. . .)


        • chrissythehyphenated

          True about clergy. But saints have distinctive garb and icons. I googled St. Nicholas and yup … he’s dressed in red. Good call, ZM.


          • Well, yeah, you do get a bit of distiction with the iconography. . . but I’m sure there are more clergy saints than there are colors inthe rainbow. . .so it’s always a bit iffy, sans other symbols and indications, lol. (How many times have I seen an icon of a Jesuit saint, aside from Ignatius, and thought “Who’s that again? Dressed in black. . . holding the bible. . .ah! Padoga in the distant background, must be Xavier!) . ^_^