What he meant was, “If I like your plan, you can keep it.”

What O meant was if HE likes your plan

Obama apologists are claiming that “nothing” in Obamacare forces people out of their health plans.

But that’s a lie based on a technicality.

Obamacare and its numerous added-on regulations were deliberately written in a way that would force individual-market plans to sacrifice their grandfather status.

To whit, they HAD to offer the same coverage as before, while simultaneously adding dependents under 26 for free, eliminating lifetime-spending caps, and accepting all applicants regardless of preexisting conditions.

Read the whole of “How the Obama Administration Made Sure People Couldn’t Keep Their Plans” By Patrick Brennan – October 29, 2013



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  1. Tom Quiner has a piece about how it was Obamacare’s fault so many policies were canceled.



  2. Well, I had the added insult this morning of reading that my cancelled policy was a result of the VA Bureau of Insurance deciding it was going to be “too hard” to make my existing policy Obamacare compliant, so they just made all the insurers start over. Read about it on CNN of all places. Called them and the women I talked to didn’t know anything about it, but when I told them who in their agency the article quoted, they were shocked. They said you need to put this in writing, how it is effecting you, and mail it to us. I said I will, and copy the governor, and my state legislators. It was bad enough to get that cancellation notice when the cheapest replacement policy doubles the premium, increases the deductible from $5,000 to $6,000, increases the co-pay from 15% to 20% AND limits the doctors and hospitals that I can use. But to learn it was because my States’ Bureau of Insurance couldn’t be bothered it was a bridge too far. I will be on the warpath!


  3. I read some ignorant schmuck talking about how “compassionate” Obamacare is and how anyone who opposes it shouldn’t be called a Christian. ARGH.

    Dh has not been able to afford health insurance since he chose to become self-employed. He provides a valuable service to the community at an affordable price … a price that firms big enough to include health insurance can’t do for what he charges.

    The REASON we can’t afford a policy for him is that BC/BS has a monopoly in NYS. We are not ALLOWED to shop around and the policies here have been at the astronomical O’care prices for years and years.

    So now that we have been “blessed” with the “Affordable” Care Act’s “compassion”, Dearest STILL can’t afford a health insurance policy AND he’s going to be FINED by the IRS for not having one.

    Dearest was one of the people Obamacare was SUPPOSEDLY DESIGNED TO HELP. But it’s only made his situation WORSE. So excuse me if I don’t appreciate having the quality of my faith and compassion JUDGED because I think it SUCKS.

    What we wanted was one of the half-dozen plans the Republicans put forward … those plans Democrats accused Republicans of not having … those plans the Democrat majority refused to discuss, debate or bring to a vote.

    These plans would have eliminated the NYS monopoly and allowed us to shop for an affordable, individual, catastrophic insurance plan for Dearest in other states. These plans would have allowed individuals to claim the same tax deductions on health insurance premiums that employers got, making self-insurance more affordable. Those two changes alone would’ve made an enormous difference to the people O’care CLAIMED to be about helping … the people like my husband who fell into the gap between “too rich for Medicaid, too poor for insurance.”


    • Amen, Chrissy! I know how expensive those NY Anthem policies have been because I talked to one of the agents a year or so ago and he said that the way New York was would be an indication of what would happen all over the country because New York was already a guaranteed issue state. I’m praying that it is going to be so overwhelmingly bad that they will just have to fix it.


      • chrissythehyphenated

        In the meantime, we’re going to keep on doing what we’ve always done, which is pay out of pocket. We cannot afford the policies they offer and we will not contribute to abortions.


        • That’s what I plan to do. I’ve been paying out of pocket for years, and kept the high-deductible policy so that we wouldn’t lose our house if something catastrophic happened. Now I guess if something catastrophic happens after I get kicked off my insurance, we’ll probably have to declare bankruptcy. Thanks, Obama.


          • I can’t say that I like your post, because it really is sad that it has come to this. I feel for ya, Bob – stay healthy!


            • I’m trying! Luckily, the health care I actually use — my chiropractor once a month, a dentist once a year or so — is perfectly affordable. My husband is on Medicare, so his stuff is covered. And our 18-year-old hasn’t seen a doctor since she was three weeks old. That was a well-baby visit, and the first and last well-baby visit that I ever paid for personally. Our first three kids were all born when we had employer-provided health insurance (i.e., before my husband went solo), so all our hospital bills and doctor visits were covered and we never saw a bill or had any idea how much things cost. When I finally learned how much it cost just to have a doctor look at you, I decided that well-baby visits were a waste of money. If I’m going to pay that much for a doctor to look at my kid, she darn well better be sick!


              • I think architects may be the least understood and appreciated white collar profession in this country. I know for a fact they’re the poorest paid of all professionals who are required to pass an exam and maintain a license. E.g., many types of health professionals, lawyers, teachers, even beauticians make more than architects.

                Only the small, independent practitioners like Bob’s hubby and my Dearest are affordable for the middle-income folks who need an architect maybe once in their lives. A lot of our clients come in because they called a contractor about adding a room to their home, the contractor told them he had to have a building permit, the building permit guy told them they had to have an architect.

                Many people resent the architect’s involvement, feeling it was just a legal scam to get some useless guy some money and they should’ve been able to use that money for nicer finishes or more square footage.

                I once had someone ask me what an architect does anyway. Do any of you really know? (Bob put your wing down. I want to hear from the rest of the class on this.)

                Dh has worked on buildings that were “designed” by a contractor. They had numerous, expensive and sometimes dangerous problems. E.g., he once worked on a house that had been bumped out by an amateur. It was falling down around the client’s ears. He worked pro bono on that one, because the lady was the amateur’s ex-wife. She got the “house” (a trailer with some very bad amateur carpentry, electrical and plumbing work on done it) in the divorce. Amateur ex then moved next door and promptly told the building department that his neighbor’s house didn’t meet code and should be demolished. The wife was penniless and chronically ill.


            • chrissythehyphenated

              We need an “I appreciate you posting this even though it generates very negative emotions” button. 😉


    • GP

      If one more idiot says the republicans did not have a plan…
      The one thing that would bring costs down, allowing us to shop for ALL insurance across state lines, is something the dems do not want because they get their payoffs from the big companies they give the contracts too. That is why IL is all set to roll out obamacare, and we will be in the same boat as NY. Right now, we still have insurance because my husband works for a big company that has an extension, but our deductible is over 5 grand and our premiums are going up again. And we have been told this is the last year. When the exemption expires next year, we will be dumped onto the exchange.
      I just hope this damn thing implodes from the weight of it all, and the POS behind this gets impeached for his lies.