Becoming like Detroit and Greece

October 25, 2013: Reuters reports that the City of Detroit is broke and cannot pay its 23,500 government pensioners what was promised to them. Pensioners will thus be seeing their checks cut by 84%.

Democrats destroyed Detroit

GOVERNMENT depends on TAX INCOME to pay its bills.

BUSINESSES with property and employees PAY MOST TAXES.

DEMOCRAT policies:

  • increase government spending and the number of citizens dependent on the government for their income, while simultaneously
  • driving businesses and their jobs away, thus reducing the tax income that pays for the government’s spending.

The OUTCOME is always the same:

  • the DEMOCRAT government goes broke;
  • the DEMOCRAT government can’t pay all those people depending on government checks;
  • the DEMOCRAT government cuts off payments to all those people depending on government checks;
  • DEMOCRATS blame Republicans.

What the government GIVES, the government can TAKE AWAY.

And what DEMOCRATS did to Detroit, they have been doing to the entire nation.

This has been painfully obvious since they took MAJORITY CONTROL in DC in January 2007.

2013_09 Employment in America - GOP vs DEM

FOX News: Homeland Security is preparing for riots on Nov 1 2013 [4:36]

For a long time, I’ve been seeing this Left vs. Right as a part of the battle in the big war between the followers of Satan and the followers of YAHWEH.

  • October 31 is the highest holy day (Samhain) in the Satanic church.
  • November 1 is the Feast of All Saints for Catholics.

Just sayin’ …


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