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You broke it. You own it.

2013_10 1 and half Million policies cancelled so far

Ocare You broke it You own it



TugboatPhil is a regular commenter at Twitchy. In a discussion about embarrassing your kids, he posted, “I made a permanent embarrassment display when my daughter kept complaining about the commodes I’d replaced in the house. They were out on the hill facing the road. Now the road is about 300 feet down the hill and it’s a secondary road at that. But she kept on nagging. So with a few other additions, I built Thronehenge©. We’re not far off the Blue Ridge Parkway and I’ve had busses slow down as they go by. People have stopped to take pictures. I think I’m going to put an Obamacare sign behind them.”





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The Left’s assault on veterans’ rights

Trusting vets

Michael Connelly, Constitutional Attorney and United States Army Veteran, writes:

Since I wrote the article titled “Disarming America’s Heroes” I have been inundated with emails and phone calls from veterans and the families of veterans. The horror stories I am hearing are proof that the VA and the Obama administration have launched an all out assault on the Constitutional rights of our nation’s wounded warriors and other veterans.

Veterans are being declared incompetent not because they have a serious mental illness that makes them a danger to themselves or others, but because they have a physical disability resulting from their service in the armed forces or because they simply let their spouses pay the family bills.

If veterans have minor issues with PTSD, have expressed that they are depressed sometimes, or even in the case of Vietnam veterans admit that they are getting older and sometimes forget to pay their bills on time, the bureaucrats at the VA will seek to declare them incompetent. (I am a 65 year old veteran and often forget where I put my car keys, does that make me incompetent to handle my own financial affairs and even worse mean that I can’t own a firearm?) According to the VA it apparently does.

All of this has resulted in America’s heroes being declared incompetent by a process that blatantly violates their rights to due process under the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution. Then, for reasons that have not been explained these same veterans are also being denied their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Read the rest @ http://www.redflagnews.com/headlines/veterans-are-fighting-back-a-follow-up-to-disarming-americas-heroes-by-constitutional-attorney-michael-connelly

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Becoming like Detroit and Greece

October 25, 2013: Reuters reports that the City of Detroit is broke and cannot pay its 23,500 government pensioners what was promised to them. Pensioners will thus be seeing their checks cut by 84%.

Democrats destroyed Detroit

GOVERNMENT depends on TAX INCOME to pay its bills.

BUSINESSES with property and employees PAY MOST TAXES.

DEMOCRAT policies:

  • increase government spending and the number of citizens dependent on the government for their income, while simultaneously
  • driving businesses and their jobs away, thus reducing the tax income that pays for the government’s spending.

The OUTCOME is always the same:

  • the DEMOCRAT government goes broke;
  • the DEMOCRAT government can’t pay all those people depending on government checks;
  • the DEMOCRAT government cuts off payments to all those people depending on government checks;
  • DEMOCRATS blame Republicans.

What the government GIVES, the government can TAKE AWAY.

And what DEMOCRATS did to Detroit, they have been doing to the entire nation.

This has been painfully obvious since they took MAJORITY CONTROL in DC in January 2007.

2013_09 Employment in America - GOP vs DEM

FOX News: Homeland Security is preparing for riots on Nov 1 2013 [4:36]

For a long time, I’ve been seeing this Left vs. Right as a part of the battle in the big war between the followers of Satan and the followers of YAHWEH.

  • October 31 is the highest holy day (Samhain) in the Satanic church.
  • November 1 is the Feast of All Saints for Catholics.

Just sayin’ …


H/t: itooktheredpill and Pistol Pete


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You are invited to the PoliNation’s Halloween party!

2013_10 28 W's joy full jack o lantern

On Thursday, we’ll be posting nothing but FUN stuff. Decorations, holiday themed food pics, jokes and our fave costume pics.

If you have something to share, but do not have posting privileges here, please email them to me @ Chrissy@ChrissyOriginals.com.

See you there!

P.S., Lil Buzz made Joyful Jack at Pre-School. Isn’t he cute?!


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When to pray?

Anyone who loves another person and all day long never gives that person a sign of his love does not really love him.

So it is with God, too. Anyone who truly seeks him will keep sending him signals of his longing for his company and friendship.

2013_10 17 Pope Francis tweets

Someone who does not pray regularly will soon not pray at all.

Get up in the morning and give the day to God, asking for his blessing and to “be there” in all your meetings and needs.

Thank him, especially at mealtimes.

At the end of the day, place everything into his hands, ask him for forgiveness, and pray for peace for yourself and others.

Praying at the very least in the morning, at meals, and in the evening is a tradition dating back the earliest days of Christianity.

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Posted by Pistol Pete

Just wow. I have so much Halloween stuff I may have to post some the next couple days to fit it all in.

Hope you don’t mind. Personally,I’m sick of libs and their sycophant press scrambing to look like they’re indignant about Barry’s lies and making excuses for him at the same time. It appears the dems and rinos alike who still have to answer to their constituents to pretend they’ve been innocent bystanders. The one that really irritates me is Linda Grahamnesty suddenly getting tough on amnesty and the Bamster’s nominees.

One thing that all true liberals seem to have in common is a lying tongue,a pathological need to spend other peoples’ money and empty,soulless eyes. That happens when you delight in the slaughter of unborn children and have to hide the canker you bear inside. I constantly pray that somehow,someday while we’re still in this world that the Lord grants some retribution for the sins perpetrated on His children.

OK,enough negativity…let’s have some fun!



Believe it or not,this is a pumpkin,done by a professional scultor and his crew using only spoons and scalpels.I have a link to a lot of examples of their work.These are really stunning.




h/t Legal Insurrection







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