Obama caught eavesdropping on his peers

Obama’s NSA has been caught monitoring the phone calls of 35 world leaders, which is not helping the already strained relations between the Obama administration and America’s used-to-be-besties.

Merkel Obama

On Wednesday, German chancellor Angela Merkel accused the US of tapping her mobile phone. White House press secretary Jay Carney swore the US “is not monitoring and will not monitor” the German chancellor’s communications. Berlin replied this in no way denied that Obama had not monitored Merkel’s phone in the past.

Well, yeah … cuz he so did. Add “When I’m president, everyone will LOVE us” to the long list of Obama’s broken promises.




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4 responses to “Obama caught eavesdropping on his peers

  1. Real Clear Politics Poll Averages

    Obama Job Approval: Approve 45.1% vs. Disapprove 50.5%

    Direction of Country: Good 20.1% vs. Bad 73.0%

    Riddle me this … how is it that 5 years into the Reign Of The Messiah, more than 20% of respondents think he’s doing a good job, but the country is going in the wrong direction? I mean … either he’s the Great and Powerful Oz or he’s a LOSER. You can’t have it both ways, can you? Oh wait … silly me, expecting logic from Dimocrat Sheeple.


    • Remember back in 80s when people who hated Reagan called him “The Teflon President”? Well, Obama is the REAL Teflon President. Nothing sticks to him. No matter how many disasters unfold on his watch, no one blames him… because they’re afraid of appearing racist.


  2. Ting

    It’s all GWB’s fault and those Republicans in the House, and Ted Cruz. /s