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Pope Francis bans Bishop of Bling

Bishop of Bling

Oct 23, 2013: The Vatican announced that Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, the bishop of Limburg, “could no longer exercise his episcopal ministry” while an inquiry into his allegedly free spending gets under way.

The “Bishop of Bling” reportedly spent $42.76 million on his new diocesan headquarters, ten times the original estimate. Extravagances reportedly included $19,440 on a bathtub, $477,840 on built-in cupboards and carpentry, $1,077,170 on the garden and $615,520 on art works.


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Obama is a vindictive bully

October 21, 2013: Sean Hannity called the Obamacare call center and spoke to the operator for nearly 10 minutes about Obamacare, what her thoughts of it are and what kind of response she has received so far. The operator was very friendly and had no problem answering all of Hannity’s questions.

October 24, 2013: Sean Hannity revealed that Erling Davis, the Obamacare operator he called Monday, has been fired! Hannity had Davis on his show today and revealed he is giving Erling a year’s salary of $26,000 and will help her find a new job.

The 15 minute Hannity clip is embedded @ http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2013/10/24/obamacare_operator_fired_after_taking_call_from_hannity_hannity_to_give_her_a_years_salary.html


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How can my everyday routine be a school of prayer?

Someone who seeks union with Jesus in the morning can be a blessing to the people he meets, even his opponents and enemies. Over the course of the day he casts all his cares on the Lord.

  • Such a person has more peace within himself and radiates it to others.
  • He makes his judgments and decisions by asking himself how Jesus would act at that moment.
  • He overcomes fear by staying close to God.

In desperate situations he is not without support. He carries the peace of heaven within him and thereby brings it into the world. He is full of gratitude and joy for the beautiful things, but also endures the difficult things that he encounters. This attentiveness to God is possible even at work.

A Bible that's falling apart

Everything that happens to us can be an occasion for prayer. The more deeply we live in union with God, the more deeply we understand this.

“The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.” – Psalm 9:9 (NIV)

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Cruz and the “extremist” Tea Party represent the MAJORITY

It’s the Obama Democrats, the Boehner/McCain RINOs and the Laughingstock Media who are all lying to us.

2013_10 22 Obamacare poll - bipartisan

Please note: This poll was done cooperatively by one Democrat and one Republican polling company.



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Posted by Pistol Pete

The old English definition of a gentleman is one who never knowingly gives offense.The WalMart post yesterday was an attempt to demonstrate absurdity by being absurd.To those who were offended,my apologies.Just keep in mind these people reproduce….and vote.

It seems the last few days there have been a spate of the Bamster’s loyal media slaves showing disloyalty.As Greg Gutfeld commented the other day,its like putting a rug over the blood stain for the open house until after the property is sold.Now that he’s untouchable they can nip at his heels a little.

Every one of the dems that are up for reelection next year are suddenly all in favor of delaying the individual mandate until AFTER the election.Go figure.My personal opinion,which is worth zero,is that Barry didn’t care if the website was a disaster,he just wanted the monstrosity enacted,which makes it harder to repeal.For what its worth,he cannot delay the deadline without an act of Congress.Of course,we all have seen the regard he holds the law in.







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