The Fake Faint

WATCH THIS VIDEO! The “fake faint” at Obama’s speech [3:19]

“The law works” … what a load of donkey doo

Our health care system WAS one of the best in the world. The health insurance system worked well for more than 80% of us. But rather than tweak the system to try and help the (much smaller than hawked) number of folks who needed help, Democrats TRASHED the system. That’s like demolishing your house because the roof leaks. It was stupid right from the start and it was never about helping the folks who needed help. It was about trashing the system. It was about concentrating more money and more control over our lives in the elitist hands of a small group of power mongers in DC.

2012_09 Helping the poor - Big govt vs Free enterprise


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7 responses to “The Fake Faint

  1. Pistol Pete

    Only 3 of the human props he trotted out had actually signed up.Fainting woman didn’t and is unlikey to benefit from O’care


  2. Gotta say, it doesn’t take an Alex Jones to believe this was an amateurish stunt. It’s the fakest thing I’ve ever seen in politics. Our country is being run by high school students. This video will be running on a loop in the future Obama Anti-Presidential Library along with other evidence that Americans were idiots. Putin and Medvedev are probably sitting around watching it now, drinking vodka and laughing their asses off.


    • GP

      I just hope that library is never built. If he is finally exposed, he won’t raise enough money to build it. Of course, they can always named some of slumlord Valerie Jarretts properties after him.
      And Putin is laughing all right, along with the Saudis. They are taking down America without firing a shot. All they needed was a black man who went to a Madras instead of an American school.


  3. Do you want to know something? When I was pregnant, and through all three pregnancies I was sick… every day… I was sick!! The first was the worst because I had a problem with the bowels every time I went for a walk. I get the giggles over what happened with no 2, especially when I was dry retching on the walk to the hospital through the Fitzroy gardens. During the first pregnancy i had high blood pressure towards the end. Not once did I ever faint… I was sick 🙂

    When I first saw this on my TV I thought it looked fake for the simple reason she went back just a little bit.

    Now, back to me for a moment, because there was a moment in my life when I went giddy and nearly fainted. The people who were present when that happened said that I went all grey in the face before the dizzy turn. That might not mean much to you, but what I am saying is that this woman showed absolutely no signs at all that she was about to get giddy and fall.

    This is the White House version of Pallywood. It is sucked up by the Leftoid Marxists, but for the rest of us, we recognize that the woman was there as a prop.

    BTW I opted to use the free system to have my babies. For number 2 and 3 I used the clinic at the Mercy Maternity Hospital in East Melbourne. I did get to see the Professor which was a good thing. Also I enjoyed having the students along for a look because I got to learn a lot more than you think!!

    I saw no reason as to why the USA could not have adopted some of the Australian model which does in fact work reasonably well when the system is not being abused. However, Abominablecare is just that… Abominable. It is not going to bring in affordable healthcare.


  4. Ting

    Well, I have fainted many times over the years, and no one has ever caught me that quick. I am usually inches from the ground, or on the ground, before people WHO LOVE ME and know that I am a fainter catch on. I call BS on this one, too.

    And furthermore, Did she keep standing there after she “fainted”? Because no way could that happen. I always have to sit down with my head dropped down for a good while before I can even think about standing up again.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Me too. I’ve had a dicky heart since junior high. My fainting spells seem to happen most often when I’m alone and near something hard upon which to bang my head as I crash to the floor.


      • Ting

        Oh, gosh. Poor Chrissy’s head! The one time I banged my head was in an elevator, in a hospital. I had been visiting my grandfather and was on my way home. Neither my sister or husband were able to catch me in time, but the hospital insisted I go to the ER for x-rays, which were fine, but expensive. I don’t know why I sort of thought they were going to pay for them since they were the ones who said I couldn’t leave until it was checked out.