The Rodeo Clown Infomercial

Oct 21, 2013: President Obama reassured us that is “working just fine.”

But for those “more comfortable” with the phone, he also offered up the 800 number. In case you don’t already know it:

2013_10 21 Obama's Ocare Infomercial

Tweeters commented:

  • Obama is hawking the ACA 1-800 number on national tv like an infomercial salesman. Pathetic.
  • So do we call the 800 number to find out when the website will be fixed?
  • If you call within the next few hours, 1800-OBAMA will send you your very own stethoscope and scalpel.
  • Obama reads 800 number for problems. Operators are standing by. This is starting to sound like an infomercial.
  • What’s next, free viagra if you call in 20min? Throw in a free toaster?
  • For the record, just called 1-800-318-2596, got a busy signal.
  • I just called 1-800-318-2596, got disconnected.
  • I got through 800-number, followed prompts, and got referred to
  • Laugh or cry? The 800 number tells me to go to the website that doesn’t work for more information.
  • I called the 800 number and it told me to visit to view all my options. #HolyFreakingHeaddesk
  • Yep. Just called. THE CALL CENTER IS DOWN.
  • If you can’t access the #ACA website, and the 800-number is busy, Obama urges you to write down your info and send it by carrier pigeon.
  • Website worked for my friend. Her old Blue Cross premium was $500/mo+$1500/deduct. Ocare pushed it to $3000/mo+$30,000/deduct.

But Obamacare is “working just fine” …………. just ask Obama or any of the other Fans of Obamacare Who Got Exempted From It.


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