We knew they’d cave. The Dems own their mivonks.

2013_10 17 Boehner with his MASSA

2013_10 17 Welcome back You still suck

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One response to “We knew they’d cave. The Dems own their mivonks.

  1. Less than zero by Jim Walter

    Last week, with a straight face he told the nation, “Raising the debt limit will not add one dime to the national debt.”

    Of course it won’t. It’s the spending that’ll do the damage. He didn’t lie – he’s not stupid – he just diverted our attention from the distinction.

    He does that a lot.

    In his world, truth is a convenience, used when it serves an agenda, discarded when it does not. Truth has the same utility as misleading statements or bald-faced lies. All are mixed, shuffled and stretched, whipped, deformed and stirred. Identities are modified and intentions blurred. His goal is to distract and bamboozle, setting up unsuspecting marks to the menacing talons of chicanery.

    Con artists, card sharks and street hustlers do that, too.