The Obamas continue to be Hypocrites-in-Chief

2013_10 15 Senator Vitter vs Obama Veto

2013_10 11 Mooch's garden going to hell

I linked to my Facebook and a gf posted this comment:

“My cousin has a friend on the [DC police] force and says they were told if they called off sick or had “blue flu” they were subject to disciplinary action…. I think oblameverybody is scared of us…”



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3 responses to “The Obamas continue to be Hypocrites-in-Chief

  1. A.Men

    phoney temporary “shut-down of 17% obomba regime.

    lying scum dimocraps are exempt from obombacare, but show it down the throats of taxpayers.

    the barackades are still around the World War II Memorial with police guards armed.

    Go to hell obomba and lying scum democraps.


  2. Well, the squirrels are happy, anyway. It’s an ill wind that blows nobody good.