King Obama says, “Let them not eat.”

2013_10 11 USDA cut off food stamps in NOV

Dear Liberal - Terrorism vs Checks and Balances

Terrorism: The use of violent acts to try to achieve a political goal.

Checks and Balances: A system in which the different parts of an organization (such as a government) have powers that affect and control the other parts so that no part can become too powerful.



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2 responses to “King Obama says, “Let them not eat.”

  1. GP

    Goebels had nothing on this regime when it comes to propaganda.
    They have the whole country believing that just because the polls are anti republican, it means the dems are ahead. The real pulse of the people is that we will vote all the SOB’s out as soon as we get a chance.
    The problem is, by then, King Barrycades will probably have all the voter rolls purged of conservatives, all the zombies and illegals voting early and often, all the good guys in the military silenced so he can bring in his own “corpse” and the communist manifesto will be the law of the land.
    God help us.


    • I really believe they have no intention of holding 2016 elections. I wonder if Hillary has any idea that Barry wants to be President for Life? She’s too uppity and old and ugly for the Prog PTBs to want in the White Hut for life. Barry now … he’s proven to be the ideal puppet ruler. As long as he gets to play in his 5 star sandbox, he’ll do whatever he’s told and be photogenic about it.