October 13th

We didn’t know Oct 13 was special when we picked our wedding date. We just wanted to enjoy the fall foliage on our honeymoon trip through New England and the best guess dates six months ahead of the season were the two middle Saturdays in October, the 13th and the 20th of 1979.

My family has a special attachment to the number 13, because my brothers wore it for their sports jerseys. One of them was such a super-star, his league retired his number. When he and his fiancée were planning their nuptials, he told her he didn’t care about anything except that she pick a 13th, so he’d be able to remember their anniversary! LOL So they married on Sept 13th, just two weeks into his first semester of graduate school!

So, really … it’s because of my brothers that I voted for the 13th and Dearest didn’t care, so that was that. It was only years after our wedding that we learned about Our Lady of Fatima and were so thrilled to realize our wedding anniversary was on the same date as the Miracle of the Sun.

October 13, 1917: The Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, Portugal, was seen by tens of thousands of witnesses of all ages and dispositions, including newspaper reporters hostile to the Catholic Church who took photos and interviewed many who also witnessed extraordinary solar activity. According to these reports, the event lasted approximately ten minutes. Pope Pius XII himself said he saw it from the Vatican gardens. The event was officially accepted as a miracle by the Roman Catholic Church on October 13, 1930.

Click on graphic to embiggen. It’s easier to read that way.

1917_10 13 Miracle of the Sun description by professor

Yesterday, in addition to standing with the Million Vets March at our local war memorial, we also celebrated the consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by Pope Francis at the Vatican.

2013_10 13 Pope Francis consecrates world to IMH

For our 34th anniversary date night, I chose the excellent movie about Fatima, The 13th Day.

The 13th Day



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  1. Please note that I do not bash non-Catholic-Christians and I do not wish to be bashed by them. Very rarely in my 59 years has a Jesus-loving non-Catholic asked me in a sincere and humble manner about some Catholic thing. I welcome that kind of respectful dialogue, but to be honest, I can count those times on my fingers and I don’t need both hands.

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    • Chrissy, as you know, I grew up Evangelical Protestant, but I always suffered from a bad case of Catholic Envy. Because I didn’t know any actual Catholics personally until I was in my teens, I had no one I could question about the Catholic Church and hope to get an answer that wasn’t either a) hopelessly ignorant (because most Protestants I knew had about as much understanding of the Catholic Church as I did), b) horribly biased against Catholicism, or c) both. Anyway, all this is just to say that it’s nice for someone like me to have someone like you who can explain these things to me. I wish I’d had a friend like you years ago!


      • I enjoy having both of you around, and the others on this blog as well as the 4gfc site. In both places, we have a nice mix of Evangelicals, Lutherans, Baptists, Catholics, Seventh-Day and Nondenoms with some Messianic Jewish influence thrown in. Can you ask for a better Christian forum? I love it.


  2. Ting

    Happy Anniversary!


  3. Violet

    Happy Anniversary, Chrissy! I’d also like to chime in my thanks for the information you provide on Catholocism. I was raised Lutheran, but my father’s side is Catholic, and I always felt very out of the loop on those occasions when I attended Catholic mass, weddings or funerals. Your articles are helping me to connect the dots, and appreciate the traditions I have observed without understanding all my life. Lutheran kid confession: I have always loved the incense (it is frankincense and myrrh, right?) used in Catholic Churches. It is such an ancient, transporting fragrance, and I always breathe it in as deeply as I can.


    • I love incense too! In our church (Episcopal) it’s used only on special occasions (Christmas, Easter, and occasionally other special services, such as ordinations)… but I wouldn’t object at all if they used it every Sunday.