If you are interested at all in what I think about Mary

Here’s the short version:

  • God chose Mary to be the mother of His Only Son, Jesus.
  • Jesus is my brother, which makes Mary my mother too.
  • God carved “Honor thy mother” on to Moses’ stone tablets.

Here’s the long version:

Catholic doctrine makes a sharp distinction between “latria” (the worship given to God alone) and “dulia” (the veneration or respect paid to the saints and angels as the servants and friends of God).

“Hyperdulia” is the veneration offered to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Extra dulia. Super duper dulia. But NOT latria. Not EVER.

My kids understood this in elementary school when they were assaulted by little Protestant boys for “worshiping” Mary. It became obvious when I spoke to the moms that it was 99% BOYS (who happened to be Protestant) teasing GIRLS (who happened to be Catholic) … but still. Those boys didn’t come up with the idea that “Catholics worship Mary” all on their own.

Catholic teaching is crystal clear on the matter. We do NOT worship Mary. Period.

Do some Catholics go overboard with their Marian devotions? Yeah. Some. But it’s really rare, especially these days. Try and find yourself a Catholic who even knows the rosary is a meditation about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, never mind one who knows the Mysteries by heart or … oh my goodness …. ever actually says a rosary. It’s pathetic.

What is the rosary? http://www.usccb.org/prayer-and-worship/devotionals/rosaries/how-to-pray-the-rosary.cfm


Where does this idea even come from that God doesn’t like it when we pay attention to His mom?!

Does anybody honestly think when we love on our significant others that Jesus grumbles because we’re not paying 100% attention to Him and Him alone?

How much more is God not displeased by the attention Catholics pay to the woman He chose to grow, birth, suckle, nurture, instruct and stand by Jesus?

Jesus is the only reason Mary is special; honoring her glorifies Him.

Plus, no matter how much attention we pay her, she ALWAYS directs our attention to Him.



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8 responses to “If you are interested at all in what I think about Mary

  1. Very well said. Mary is the final frontier for a convert like me. It took me 25 years or so to begin to understand the concept of “Hyperdulia”. Thanks for this excellent post.


    • You are most welcome. Did not realize you were a convert! Welcome! …

      As for me, Mary has been a challenge not because of my religious background, but because my earthly mother was such a stern and judgmental woman. But I find this one of the great mercies of Catholic tradition. There’s some saint or angel for everybody. LOL

      This concept was embodied beautifully in the book The Shack by Wm P. Young. If you haven’t read it, I strongly recommend it. There’s so much spiritual wisdom wrapped up in a very readable story. It’s on my shelf with my other favorites, like The Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce and The Loser Letters.

      I have a gf who has a great devotion to Mary. When I found out her mother actually beat her, I was really surprised she felt so warm-fuzzy close to Mary. She said it was because she was so relieved when she found out she could have a LOVING mother for real. I’m still not there yet … but I’m confident Mary understands.


      • That’s exactly the problem I have always had with God… the fact that my relationship with my flesh-and-blood father was so horrible. For most of my life, the idea of God as my Father did not conjure up any feelings of warmth or comfort, but only of terror and revulsion. Looking back, I’m a little surprised I didn’t just give up, as the majority of my siblings did. Not sure why that is.


        • Sounds familiar. Who knows why it is, but I’m just glad you didn’t give it up. We need our Bluebird of Wisdom around here.


        • My dad was loving in a distant, can’t stand up to the wife kinda way. One of my gfs called my mother “Queen Spider” and predicted the family “web” would disintegrate when she died. She was exactly right. Then I was sexually abused by a priest, a doctor and a nurse.

          For a long time, faith for me was about truth. I did a lot of research, got to a kind of “Grand Canyon” place where logic couldn’t take me any further and told God, “If you’re there and you care about me at all, you have to tell me in a way I understand. If you’re not there or you don’t care, I want to kill myself.”

          He told me He was there in a way that was potent enough to make me give up forever any action to harm myself, though the desire to die was a battle I only seem to have won fairly recently … and maybe only because now I’m hanging on for the Rapture. I still really really want to be DONE with this pain.

          Feeling loved and cherished didn’t happen for a long, long time. The Eucharist was one of my main-stays. God gave me the most POTENT faith in the reality of transubstantiation that it was the reason I knew and know I was meant to make an adult, post-“now I know God is real” commitment to RCC. I used to make holy hours when I needed to get some feel good time.

          My guardian angels were also allowed to be somewhat present to me on occasion, which helped a lot. I’ve got two and I’ve been blessed to have sensed them near, supporting, watching, guarding, guiding and helping. But any time I’d get too focused on them, that ability to sense them immediately vanished. They are not interested in being worshiped.


  2. I would like this a thousand times over if I could do that.