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Patriots march on Washington, storm the Barrycades

Some pictures and video from Sunday’s rally in Washington, DC:

Do you hear the people sing?

For further enlightenment:

Veterans Remove Barricades from Memorials and Bring Them to White House (Breitbart News)

Million Vet March on the Monuments (iOwnTheWorld)

Veterans Overrun the Barrycades, Liberate the Memorials in Washington (PJ Media)


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Jerry Brown said NO to Left Wingnuts!

Governor Jerry Brown of California is definitely a liberal. But he’s not afraid to occasionally go against the grain of the left wing of his party.

In 2002, California lawmakers wisely expanded the statute of limitation for sex abuse victims and the Catholic Church approved.

But the Church opposed a recent bill that would have eliminated the statute of limitations on sexual crimes committed against minors … but only for private institutions.

The bill exempted public schools and other government institutions and Governor Brown was correct to veto it.




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If you are interested at all in what I think about Mary

Here’s the short version:

  • God chose Mary to be the mother of His Only Son, Jesus.
  • Jesus is my brother, which makes Mary my mother too.
  • God carved “Honor thy mother” on to Moses’ stone tablets.

Here’s the long version:

Catholic doctrine makes a sharp distinction between “latria” (the worship given to God alone) and “dulia” (the veneration or respect paid to the saints and angels as the servants and friends of God).

“Hyperdulia” is the veneration offered to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Extra dulia. Super duper dulia. But NOT latria. Not EVER.

My kids understood this in elementary school when they were assaulted by little Protestant boys for “worshiping” Mary. It became obvious when I spoke to the moms that it was 99% BOYS (who happened to be Protestant) teasing GIRLS (who happened to be Catholic) … but still. Those boys didn’t come up with the idea that “Catholics worship Mary” all on their own.

Catholic teaching is crystal clear on the matter. We do NOT worship Mary. Period.

Do some Catholics go overboard with their Marian devotions? Yeah. Some. But it’s really rare, especially these days. Try and find yourself a Catholic who even knows the rosary is a meditation about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, never mind one who knows the Mysteries by heart or … oh my goodness …. ever actually says a rosary. It’s pathetic.

What is the rosary? http://www.usccb.org/prayer-and-worship/devotionals/rosaries/how-to-pray-the-rosary.cfm


Where does this idea even come from that God doesn’t like it when we pay attention to His mom?!

Does anybody honestly think when we love on our significant others that Jesus grumbles because we’re not paying 100% attention to Him and Him alone?

How much more is God not displeased by the attention Catholics pay to the woman He chose to grow, birth, suckle, nurture, instruct and stand by Jesus?

Jesus is the only reason Mary is special; honoring her glorifies Him.

Plus, no matter how much attention we pay her, she ALWAYS directs our attention to Him.



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I love this idea

What a terrific way to encourage reading AND recycle an out-grown piece of baby equipment.

Convert pack and play to toddler reading area


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October 13th

We didn’t know Oct 13 was special when we picked our wedding date. We just wanted to enjoy the fall foliage on our honeymoon trip through New England and the best guess dates six months ahead of the season were the two middle Saturdays in October, the 13th and the 20th of 1979.

My family has a special attachment to the number 13, because my brothers wore it for their sports jerseys. One of them was such a super-star, his league retired his number. When he and his fiancée were planning their nuptials, he told her he didn’t care about anything except that she pick a 13th, so he’d be able to remember their anniversary! LOL So they married on Sept 13th, just two weeks into his first semester of graduate school!

So, really … it’s because of my brothers that I voted for the 13th and Dearest didn’t care, so that was that. It was only years after our wedding that we learned about Our Lady of Fatima and were so thrilled to realize our wedding anniversary was on the same date as the Miracle of the Sun.

October 13, 1917: The Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, Portugal, was seen by tens of thousands of witnesses of all ages and dispositions, including newspaper reporters hostile to the Catholic Church who took photos and interviewed many who also witnessed extraordinary solar activity. According to these reports, the event lasted approximately ten minutes. Pope Pius XII himself said he saw it from the Vatican gardens. The event was officially accepted as a miracle by the Roman Catholic Church on October 13, 1930.

Click on graphic to embiggen. It’s easier to read that way.

1917_10 13 Miracle of the Sun description by professor

Yesterday, in addition to standing with the Million Vets March at our local war memorial, we also celebrated the consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by Pope Francis at the Vatican.

2013_10 13 Pope Francis consecrates world to IMH

For our 34th anniversary date night, I chose the excellent movie about Fatima, The 13th Day.

The 13th Day



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