Breaking Trust With Our Troops

This is so BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS. Please watch the entire video.

Rep Duncan Hunter on Megyn Kelly Calls for Chuck Hagel to Resign He Broke the Sacred Trust [6:21]

Friday, October 11, 2013

Megyn Kelly: “As the president’s approval rating plummets, just hours after insisting that White House action was unnecessary to reinstate the death benefits to grieving military families, President Obama signs a bill doing EXACTLY THAT. This is law makers who say they DID protect these death benefits prior to the government shutdown angrily pressed Pentagon officials for why those benefits were not provided.”

Clips from House Armed Services Committee hearing about this issue follow, after which Megyn Kelly interviews Rep Duncan Hunter who says unequivocally that the decision to deny death benefits was a very deliberate choice made by Dept of Defense for political purposes.

Congress passed a “Pay Our Military” act before the shutdown that SPECIFIED death benefits. The order to NOT pay the families of DEAD SOLDIERS came from very high up.

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  1. I saw that interview when it aired a few days ago on MK’s show. Really great segment. She had several veterans-turned-politicians, and they kept the outrage level high, as they should. Megan’s show is really turning out well. I like the tone. She may end up eclipsing O’Reilly and Hannity.