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They call him BO for a reason

2013_10 13 OBAMA REEKS

2013_10 12 Damn the Barry cades

2013_10 12 Police kick tourists out of Lincoln Mml



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It’s not free and you will be fined

Audio recording of a real Obamacare help line call [14,26]

QUOTE from Obamacare help line (begins at about 5:00 in to this phone call recording): “The Affordable Care Act requires that most people maintain health insurance. … In 2014 [the fee for failing to buy and maintain health insurance] is 1% of your yearly income or $95 per person for the year, whichever is higher. Uninsured children would be $47.50 per child … The most any family would have to pay is $285, but the amount will go up after 2014. … In 2015, the fee per person rises to $325 per person or $975 per family or 2% of income, whichever is higher. … For 2016, the fee per person increases to $695 or $2,085 per family or 2.5% of your household income, whichever is higher. … From 2017 on, the fee will rise each year with inflation.”

Obamacare TAX for not having insurance

NOTE: He keeps calling this thing a “fee”, but the Supreme Court ruled that it’s really a TAX … a TAX levied on any American who refuses to purchase and maintain a health insurance policy that meets the federal standards. (Please note: These standards include paying for abortion.) That’s all it is. A punishment for NOT buying something you DON’T want. Paying the fee won’t get you health coverage.

Obamacare Before and After

So … “let me answer your jail question real quick ……………….. pause ………………… there are no liens or penalties for not paying the fee.”

What a relief. They’ll just put a lien on future overpayment of taxes. This presumes the guy is not lying or they don’t change the rules. SCOTUS said the Obamacare fee is a LEGAL TAX. The IRS can levy fees, fines and liens for non-payment of tax. Therefore, all they have to do is say, “Oops, we didn’t realize this was a tax when we wrote this ‘no liens or penalties’ blah blah, so now there will be.” In this case then the IRS would be empowered to suck out and freeze your bank accounts, confiscate your property and/or send you to jail.

All it would take is a slight change to the regs.

Just like the “slight change” they made when they went from “Oh no WAY will Obamacare force people to pay for abortion” (Executive Order by Prez Obama) to “Everybody will pay for abortion” (HHS Mandate by HHS Sec Sebelius)

Obama violates religious freedom

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2013_09 28 Obama gives forgery to Iran as sign of good will


Ancient Artifact Obama Gave Iran is a Fake from 1999 By Daniel Greenfield – October 11, 2013

We Gave Iran an Antique as a Token of Goodwill. Only Problem? It’s Fake. By Alex Joffe – October 10, 2013

2,700-year-old Persian artifact a gift of U.S. diplomacy to Iran? By Tara Kangarlou and Ben Brumfield, CNN – September 28, 2013

The Veracity of “Scientific” Testing by Conservators By Oscar White Muscarella (2013)


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Senate FINALLY votes on volunteer chaplains

2013_10 06 Senate blocks military masses

LAST Saturday, the House passed (400-1) a bill to allow contract chaplains to volunteer without reprisal on military bases during the shut-down.

The Senate refused to take up the bill until late THIS Thursday and only then because voters YAPPED at them all week to get their thumbs out. The bill passed unanimously, so the civilian chaplains who fill in the gaps for soldiers without uniformed chaplains available will have services this week-end.

Take note here, folks.

This bill did not involve any MONEY. It was merely about giving these “non-essential” (and part-time) government employees PERMISSION to tend to their flocks WITHOUT REPRISAL. The law about fines and arrests for furloughed gov’t employees voluntarily doing their jobs anyway dates back to the 19th c. It’s got nothing to do with Obama Democrats.

Obama Democrats were just the schmucks who refused to WAIVE this law for the specific benefit of troops who do not have access to a chaplain of their denomination.

This mostly affects Catholics. About 25% of the military is Catholic, but less than 10% of the military chaplains are priests. I heard stories about Catholics serving in uniform whose scheduled baptisms and weddings were affected by this petty Democrat intransigence.



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