We can’t have THAT … no matter how much $$ is wasted

So, the gummint is swimming in red ink, but because of CARTOONS on POSTAGE STAMPS, we just gotta BURN them stamps. Screw all the money wasted on designing and printing them. I’m so sure that children all across America will be much safer, cuz you know how many of them USE POSTAGE STAMPS. Let me think, that would be the number of kids total minus the number who NEVER see any violence on television which would equal … hmmmm … can we do negative numbers here?

2013_10 11 Lets move stamps wasted




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3 responses to “We can’t have THAT … no matter how much $$ is wasted

  1. GP

    Good grief. Kids can’t even play without all the protective gear? Give me a break.
    I taught PE. If I had to outfit every kid for every class, we would have had about 2 minutes to actually move.
    This politically correct crap is so out of hand.
    Kids can’t have playgrounds because they might get hurt.
    So what!
    I fell off a swing as a kid, at school, and I still have the scar when I landed on the gravel. I learned not to jump off a swing, the hard way.
    If kids are not allowed to make their own stupid mistakes, how are they going to learn common sense?
    But of course, we all know there is some crazy parent out there, hoping to make some money with a shyster lawyer because their kid got a scrape.
    I am so glad I am not teaching anymore and have to deal with all this BS.