Thomas Sowell says it best (as usual)

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2013_10 09 Sowell Who shut down govt


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4 responses to “Thomas Sowell says it best (as usual)

  1. Ting

    God bless Mr. Sowell. Thanks for making this available!


    • YW. We printed a dozen copies for dh to take Sunday am when he goes with the posters I’m making to stand at our village war memorial. I just printed out a lot of photos of my kids in uniform and graphics I’ve made this week. I’m arranging them on poster boards. Dunno if anyone will join him or talk to him or even notice, but I feel like it doesn’t matter. What does matter is he does it. God and the angels and saint (and their enemies) will know. It matters whenever we do something true.


  2. Thomas Sowell is a national treasure.