Obamacare FAIL

2013_10 10 Obamacare mum on count

Well, Obama and Co. wouldn’t admit what the numbers were … but somebody LEAKED it anyway.

2013_10 10 Anemic Ocare numbers

Tweeters had a few cogent points to make:

  • @DLoesch has 3 times more twitter followers than #Obamacare has people signed up.
  • 51,000? The Jacksonville Jaguars sell more tickets per week than that.
  • Only a mere 6,949,000 to go to keep the program afloat
  • So Obamacare has 51k “applicants”? How many have actually sent in a check?
  • Our 4th estate … what a joke. This story broke in the United Kingdom! Sheesh.
  • I would be willing to bet that the majority of those 51,000 sign ups are people with preexisting conditions and not the young and healthy needed to sustain the program.
  • So Dems spent $600 Million to set up websites that don’t work to sell a product nobody wants.
  • Even HHS Sec Sebelius hosting an event personally didn’t net a single sign up!
  • A lady who went to the Sebelius event was not able to access the site, even with the help of a certified application counselor.
  • What a #ClownShow this administration is

The leaking part should definitely be a sign to all of us that there is no way on earth that any personal data the Zero Care system collects will ever be secure or private … which is why you will never catch me going to an exchange site and setting up an account.

If Republicans blink on this shutdown thing and fail to crash O’care, I’ll be shopping for health care on the black market where providers keep no records and work for barter. Hopefully, I would find someone who lurves organic chunky apple sauce, cuz my tree was bountiful this year and my apple smash is sooooo delish you wouldn’t believe. Nothing but chopped apples, steamed and smashed.

Apple smash by CtH



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9 responses to “Obamacare FAIL

  1. Robin H

    ObamaCare is a total joke. I needs to be scrapped immediately.

    As for your apples, I buy tons of them at a local orchard and make my own applesauce. I wash and cut them in half, throw in a bunch of cinnamon sticks and cook it til its mush. Then I put it through a food mill to get rid of the skins and seeds. Yum! No sugar, no preservatives, nothing! I’ll freeze whatever we can’t eat up.


    • We got freezer zippie bags that hold about 1 1/2 cups comfortably. I found if I flattened the apple smash as I was zipping, I got nice stackable packages that are getting me max apple storage in minimum freezer space. I don’t like hot food near plastic, cuz of the transfer of chemicals, so refrig the smash overnight so it’s cold before putting it in the plastic. When I’m ready to use a bag, I’ll thaw it in the fridge or just cut it off the frozen block of apples. I wish we could mail frozen. The bags are a lot less bulky and weighty than canning jars, but I have a feeling the overnighting would cost more than shipping the glass. The sites I googled about mailing canned foods said to use flat rate priority mail boxes so I figured we’d get those and decide what jars to use before doing any canning.


    • Robin, that sounds yummy. You guys are making me hungry!


  2. GP

    How do you keep the worms out of the apples?


    • chrissythehyphenated

      We don’t. We’re extremely lazy … or perhaps we could say extremely generous. LOL We share our apples with all the critters and cut out the bad bits. There’s lots left for us.

      Dh goes out every day and picks up the windfalls and stores them on our cool porch in big plastic tubs with lids. We have SO much more than we can possibly process, we told friends to feel free. I wash, he peels and cores, I chop, steam, smash and refrigerate. Next day, I scoop cold stuff into freezer zippy bags.

      Alaska and Texas dds want tastes-like-childhood apple smash for Christmas, so I will be doing some canning and shipping in glass jars. By the time we $hip it to AK, it’ll be like gold, but our apple tree is so special to us. It was a 1″ sapling housewarming gift when we moved here in 1984. The girls grew up on my nothing-added apple smash.

      The apples are so sweet, with just a touch of tang. When the girls heard we had a HUGE apple crop (last year was puny), they emailed, ‘ALL WE WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS APPLE SMASH!!!!” Dh and I are having fun with it … we worked out a system and can process about 3 cups of smash a day without feeling stressed. I can’t peel or core, but I can chop without hurting my arthritic hands since AK dd got me an ULU. I love it! (Google if you don’t know what it is. It’s fantastic to weak hands.)


  3. Obamacare FAIL

    We are bringing Western civilization to its knees by selling private insurance plans on a web site where people pick and choose.”

    – Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services Secretary

    What does that remind me of?

    But my journey is part of a larger journey- one shared by all who’ve ever sought to apply the values of their faith to our society. It’s a journey that takes us back to our nation’s founding, when none other than a UCC church inspired the Boston Tea Party and helped bring an Empire to its knees.

    – Barack Hussein Obama June 23, 2007

    Yes, it appears that Barack Obama and Kathleen Sebelius are “fellow travellers” on the journey to bring the “Empire” of Western civilization “to its knees”.

    Who else wants to bring the U.S. “Empire” to its knees?

    Bill Ayers on his blog September 10, 2008:

    “The end of an empire is messy at best….

    and this one is ending like all the rest.” Randy Newman

    Ayers posted that the day before the 7th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, and less than 2 months before the election of Barack Hussein Obama to the Presidency… the same Barack Hussein Obama who started his political career in Bill Ayers’ living room, and who said that he shares his life’s journey with all who have ever sought to bring an empire to its knees.

    And who else wants to bring the U.S. “Empire” to its knees?

    The Communist Party USA:

    With Marxism-Leninism guiding our actions, the Communist Party strives to build the broadest unity against global capitalist imperialism now headed by U.S. imperialism, for immediate gains and reforms that benefit working people, and for a progressive democratization of the government, the economy, and society of our country on the road to and after winning socialism.


  4. GP

    To think we once thought Bill Clinton bringing Monica to her knees was something to get upset about.