James Woods: More of that “new tone” from the Left

You know how Lefties love to wag fingers at us from their allegedly superior moral height. ::snort:: Here is a sampling to Leftie Hater Tweets sent to actor James Woods who has become a very active Tweeter for the Conservative Right.

2013_10 08 James Woods won't shut up

Among his tweets:

  • I believe Barack Obama has done more for gun sales, less for race harmony and more damage to community than any president ever.
  • It seems the Liberals either want to tax us or shoot us. We must be on to something.

Among the responses to his tweets:

  • Big mouth actor James Woods is a paranoid, ignorant massive asshole.
  • Go away and die old man
  • James Woods is an abomination
  • So glad you’re taking pride in being a creepy fuck
  • James take your fucking meds and shut the fuck up
  • You are a fucking asshole, how is the prez’s fault that immigrants rallied you fucking moron.
  • Fuck James Woods

Someone else who tweeted in support of something Woods tweeted got this cogent and well-researched rebuttal:

  • Fuck you turd! James one of your fuck buddies?

Other gems from the Party of Unicorns and Peace:

  • James Woods got no brain! PERFECT TEABAGGER!
  • Why can’t we simply allow these Tea Party assholes to secede? Let them have say, Arizona and Utah, and then surround and kill them all.
  • Die GOP scum

Woods countered:

  • Please let me hear from a SINGLE liberal who finds this anti Tea Party poster’s death threats appalling.

He got one response:

  • Regardless of your political stance, it is NEVER ok to wish death on anyone – and I am very much a liberal!

On the plus side, Woods said:

  • I have had such a blessed day. My new supporters have numbered in the thousands. My detractors I could count on one hand. I humbly thank you.

He also noted:

  • I am truly saddened that the few Lib detractors are so ugly in their approach. I would welcome polite differing viewpoints.

He’s a good guy. And a great actor.



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2 responses to “James Woods: More of that “new tone” from the Left

  1. GP

    If these conservative actors ever got together and started a conservative production company for TV shows and movies, they would have incredible ratings, and $$$


    • chrissythehyphenated

      By my estimation, conservatives are about 50% of Americans, while progs are only about 25%. It’s so stupid how the movies that promote good values make money at the box office, but they give Oscars to the perverted prog garbage.