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I’ve been keeping up with the latest atrocities being perpetrated by skimming the news and mainly reading everything Chrissy’s been posting. IMHO,she certainly goes above and beyond. Just thought since it’s Friday I’d post some things to maybe lift your spirits a little. I’ll start posting the Grudge again in the near future. Meanwhile,take a break,have some fun.







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Thomas Sowell says it best (as usual)

Click on graphic to embiggen. It’s easier to read that way.

2013_10 09 Sowell Who shut down govt


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Obamacare FAIL

2013_10 10 Obamacare mum on count

Well, Obama and Co. wouldn’t admit what the numbers were … but somebody LEAKED it anyway.

2013_10 10 Anemic Ocare numbers

Tweeters had a few cogent points to make:

  • @DLoesch has 3 times more twitter followers than #Obamacare has people signed up.
  • 51,000? The Jacksonville Jaguars sell more tickets per week than that.
  • Only a mere 6,949,000 to go to keep the program afloat
  • So Obamacare has 51k “applicants”? How many have actually sent in a check?
  • Our 4th estate … what a joke. This story broke in the United Kingdom! Sheesh.
  • I would be willing to bet that the majority of those 51,000 sign ups are people with preexisting conditions and not the young and healthy needed to sustain the program.
  • So Dems spent $600 Million to set up websites that don’t work to sell a product nobody wants.
  • Even HHS Sec Sebelius hosting an event personally didn’t net a single sign up!
  • A lady who went to the Sebelius event was not able to access the site, even with the help of a certified application counselor.
  • What a #ClownShow this administration is

The leaking part should definitely be a sign to all of us that there is no way on earth that any personal data the Zero Care system collects will ever be secure or private … which is why you will never catch me going to an exchange site and setting up an account.

If Republicans blink on this shutdown thing and fail to crash O’care, I’ll be shopping for health care on the black market where providers keep no records and work for barter. Hopefully, I would find someone who lurves organic chunky apple sauce, cuz my tree was bountiful this year and my apple smash is sooooo delish you wouldn’t believe. Nothing but chopped apples, steamed and smashed.

Apple smash by CtH



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Spite House toons

2013_10 11 Greetings from the Spite House pc

2013_10 11 Holding his breath toon


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We can’t have THAT … no matter how much $$ is wasted

So, the gummint is swimming in red ink, but because of CARTOONS on POSTAGE STAMPS, we just gotta BURN them stamps. Screw all the money wasted on designing and printing them. I’m so sure that children all across America will be much safer, cuz you know how many of them USE POSTAGE STAMPS. Let me think, that would be the number of kids total minus the number who NEVER see any violence on television which would equal … hmmmm … can we do negative numbers here?

2013_10 11 Lets move stamps wasted




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James Woods: More of that “new tone” from the Left

You know how Lefties love to wag fingers at us from their allegedly superior moral height. ::snort:: Here is a sampling to Leftie Hater Tweets sent to actor James Woods who has become a very active Tweeter for the Conservative Right.

2013_10 08 James Woods won't shut up

Among his tweets:

  • I believe Barack Obama has done more for gun sales, less for race harmony and more damage to community than any president ever.
  • It seems the Liberals either want to tax us or shoot us. We must be on to something.

Among the responses to his tweets:

  • Big mouth actor James Woods is a paranoid, ignorant massive asshole.
  • Go away and die old man
  • James Woods is an abomination
  • So glad you’re taking pride in being a creepy fuck
  • James take your fucking meds and shut the fuck up
  • You are a fucking asshole, how is the prez’s fault that immigrants rallied you fucking moron.
  • Fuck James Woods

Someone else who tweeted in support of something Woods tweeted got this cogent and well-researched rebuttal:

  • Fuck you turd! James one of your fuck buddies?

Other gems from the Party of Unicorns and Peace:

  • James Woods got no brain! PERFECT TEABAGGER!
  • Why can’t we simply allow these Tea Party assholes to secede? Let them have say, Arizona and Utah, and then surround and kill them all.
  • Die GOP scum

Woods countered:

  • Please let me hear from a SINGLE liberal who finds this anti Tea Party poster’s death threats appalling.

He got one response:

  • Regardless of your political stance, it is NEVER ok to wish death on anyone – and I am very much a liberal!

On the plus side, Woods said:

  • I have had such a blessed day. My new supporters have numbered in the thousands. My detractors I could count on one hand. I humbly thank you.

He also noted:

  • I am truly saddened that the few Lib detractors are so ugly in their approach. I would welcome polite differing viewpoints.

He’s a good guy. And a great actor.



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Please read this

Below is the full text of Angelaisms’ latest blog, instead of my usual teasing excerpt with linkie.  I’m all veins-distended and hair-smoking angry AGAIN and I want all y’all to READ IT ALL. (We won’t need Obamacare if this continues much longer, cuz I’ll just have a stroke and DIE.)

If you like it and want to give the author an Atta Girl and make her feel good, plus boost her hit count so her editors at Misfit will see what a Super Blogger she is … click on this link.


Where else can you accomplish So Much Good with So Little Effort? 🙂  P.S., Bolding and colors are by CtH.

A Whole New Level of Nosy by angelaisms – October 10, 2013


We have now entered week two of #GovernmentShutDownCalypseGateNadoWeen2013™!!! Like you, I have been watching the antics of our very own Spite House with a mixture of disgust and bemusement – the former for obvious reasons, and the latter for the fact that President Stompy Foot seems to have so many flying monkeys willing to do his tantrumy bidding. Probably unlike you, however, this shutdown actually has had real consequences for me and my family. For one, my husband was on TDY (Temporary Duty) over on the continent, getting a bit of training finished up, and his class has been postponed until after the shutdown. For another, with the commissaries closed, I find myself having to shop for groceries at regular Hawaiian prices.

But there is a silver lining to all this, and not just me having my husband back in the same time zone for a bit. No, that silver lining is that the Census Bureau is closed, which means they won’t be knocking on my door anytime soon.

Now, before you give me a sideways “Have you gone crazy?” look after verifying that the current year does not end in zero, let me assure you that I am in complete control of my faculties. (Well, as much as I ever am.) I, too, was under the impression that the Census Bureau operated entirely within the realm of their Constitutionally-mandated role of counting people once every ten years. That is, until the American Community Survey arrived in my mailbox several weeks ago to disabuse me of that comfortable notion. (Silly me!)

The American Community Survey is an incredibly invasive little questionnaire that is sent out to about three million American households every year. In it, you are asked to provide to the federal government information on every single person in your household. We’re not just talking name/age stuff here – they want a complete breakdown of your income for the last year; full details on how and where you’re employed; total cost of your utility bills; what your home is worth; what kind of health insurance you have; how long you’ve been married; and whether or not you carpool, as well as when you leave for work and how long it takes you to get there. They also want to know if you have any disabilities, if you’re bilingual, whether you’ve been selling produce from your garden, and exactly what you studied in college. (Oh, how I wish I were kidding.)

Oh, and remember how I said they “ask” for this? Well, by “ask,” I mean you’re required to answer everything under penalty of law, and that penalty is a $5,000 fine. See http://solari.com/blog/a-solari-report-census-fines/

You may at this point be feeling rather indignant – “Surely,” you exclaim, “such information is not only well outside the legal purview of the Census Bureau, it’s not at all any of the federal government’s business!” Trust me, I’m right there with you. So you can imagine how well those fears of mine were assuaged when I got to this part in the ACS brochure:

2013_10 10 Census disclaimer

Oh! Well, that’s alright then! After all, it’s not like any branch of the federal government has had any recent and embarrassing scandals involving the improper use and/or access of private citizens’ private information! And it’s not like the people involved in those scandals have gotten off scot-free! And anyway, nothing says “trustworthy” like demanding information to which you have no right in the first place, amiright?

As much as I would love to lay the blame for this little piece of [expletive deleted] at the feet of the Obama administration, a quick Google search will reveal that this survey was begun in 1995 and fully implemented in 2005. The really adorable part is that the ACS – a 40-minute survey that demands details of your life that are clearly none of anyone’s business – was designed in response to concerns that the regular census form was both too cumbersome and too invasive. In other words, we’re looking at business as usual as per the federal government: when your citizenry says you’re doing too much, the answer is not to back off (ha!), but to crank it up to eleventy.

(Also, the really funny part of all of this? I live on a military base. The federal government already has all of the information on my community they could possibly need.)

Well, here’s a whacky idea, Census Bureau: if communities, cities, states, and counties are as direly in need of this info as you say they are, then they can ask for it themselves. None of this information you’re “asking” for is any of your damn business. If, when you’re up and running again, you send someone to my home to ask me these questions in person (as your last postcard threatened informed me would happen), I will politely tell him/her exactly that. And if you try to fine me for not taking your crap – well, I may not have the largest of soapboxes. But I can get in touch with people who do.

Have a nice day!

@angelaisms is also happy to tell you on Twitter that details of her personal life are none of your damn business.


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