Obama’s DoD informed military “no death benefits” by TWITTER

These people really have NO SHAME.

This video should be on your Must View ASAP list. Please set aside 16 minutes to listen. No need to watch. It’s just a talking head. But do listen. And if you can, get your favorite Obama Apologist to listen too.

Majority Leader Harry Reid Objects to Funding the VA. Again. [16:10]

Republican Senator Cruz: Veterans are an American issue, not a partisan issue. Refusing death benefits is an abomination. Eight bills have come from the House to fund parts of the government. The Democrats have not allowed any of them to come to the floor.

Democrat Senator Reid: Blah blah blah

REID SHORT TRANSLATION: No, I will not allow the Senate to vote on funding death benefits.

LONG TRANSLATION: I’m in charge of the Senate and I’m Obama’s lapdog. So no, we are NOT voting on any “piecemeal” funding of anything, because we want everybody to HURT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE so we can get Obamacare funded without any negotiation whatsoever and never mind that half of all Americans hate it and that Obama Democrats are the ONLY people refusing to fund the Veterans Administration or open the parks or allow chaplains to VOLUNTEER their services on military bases because DEMOCRATS CARE. You can be sure of this because we keep telling you. Also, (with respect to my dear friend and colleague Senator Cruz) REPUBLICANS SUCK.

Democrat Lackeys: We don’t need to vote on your stupid Republican piecemeal bills, because we are happy to vote on complete (with Obamacare) funding.

Republican Senator Cruz: Veterans should not be held hostage by partisan political issues like whether or not we fund Obamacare. Democrats are holding veterans hostage by refusing to even vote on veteran funding and demanding all or nothing funding.

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