Huh? Why would you ask THAT?!

2013_10 09 DWS gobsmacked

As for all the glitches, long waits and downed servers, well HARUMPH. How DARE you criticize?! The Obamacare sites are having trouble because SO MANY PEOPLE WANT TO ACCESS THEM! SO THERE! Yeah and like … isn’t that why you spent OUR money hyping them? So people would access them? Are you aware of how many Americans there ARE? Oh wait. That’s “data” … I’m just a voter. I got no right to ask for data.

And check out the banner MSNBC put at the top of the screen. “The Place for Politics” with Obama’s current slogan “Lean Forward.” MSNBC is the Special PR Arm of the Democrat-Progressive Party … you know, the one they don’t have to declare, because they don’t PAY them or anything. (I wouldn’t bet the house on the likelihood that the same Progressive Billionaire who heavily funds Democrats isn’t also heavily funding the “ratings in the basement” MSNBC.)

But enough of that … check out what’s BETWEEN “The Place for Politics” and “Lean Forward.” ::snort:: The Dow is DOWN 33.43 points. Isn’t that little banner the perfect icon of today’s Democrats?! Add in DWS’ Clueless Face and you’ve really GOT them all in one 210 KB graphic. I love it!



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6 responses to “Huh? Why would you ask THAT?!

  1. Would you believe that there is a female politician who looks exactly like little Debbie here in Australia? It is true. She is the Member for Newcastle in the House of Reps. Yes and she is just as ugly too.