Oct 9, 2013 in WASHINGTON, D.C.

Republican senators put THIRTEEN unanimous consent requests to the Senate, each of which would reopen some part of the federal government, including the National Institute of Health, the National Park Services and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Democrats BLOCKED every single one of them! They’re holding out for ALL OR NOTHING. They want Americans to HURT as much as possible and BLAME REPUBLICANS for it. They’re hoping that a combination of STUPIDITY and BIASED MEDIA will push Americans to pressure Republicans to cave.

My word to Republicans is …



We’re sick to death of being dictated to by this nasty, bullying Obama Democrat Progressive Minority!!

Sen Rand Paul’s speech: Reopen government [11:34]


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2 responses to “DON’T BLINK!

  1. “This whole government shutdown thing comes down to who will blink first. Well, we know it won’t be Nancy Pelosi. We know that for sure because she hasn’t blinked since the last shutdown.” —Jay Leno


  2. Pistol Pete

    Get ready for an unsurprising disappointment:
    House GOP Preparing to Give Up

    House GOP will offer Obama six-week extention of borrowing limit in exchange for major spending reforms
    ‘spending reforms’ to a democrat are nothing but an ugly rumor-or the sick joke they play to get more tax increases