The 2013 Battle of Yorktown: A restaurant owner defies feds

Carrot Tree Restaurant Yorktown VA

For the past 11 years, Glenn Helseth and his wife have owned and operated the Carrot Tree Kitchens Restaurant inside the historic Cole Digges House in Yorktown, Va.

Although the building is owned and operated by the National Park Service, the restaurant is a money-maker for the government. Glenn said, “I send them a check every month.”

He also pointed out that even though the building is technically closed, he’s still required to maintain insurance and utilities, make his rent payment AND pay for the building’s security system – the building the NPS kicked them out of.

At least 20 of Helseth’s longtime employees are facing unemployment. They can’t make rent and some are faced with choosing between buying food or buying medicine.

Glenn has decided enough is enough. He has reopened the Carrot Tree Kitchens Restaurant and is serving Brunswick stew, ham biscuits and carrot cake.

He said. “If that gets me put in jail, I’m going to jail. I don’t wish to take a stand against my government. I’ve always been very proud of my country. [But] I don’t agree with what’s happening. I can no longer abide by what’s happening.”

2013_10 09 Why are the parks closed

One legislator said, “I’ve never seen such small-minded, miserable behavior … and such a disregard of our responsibilities to the people. The American people could get better government out of monkey island in the local zoo than we’re getting … today.”

Sadly, it was a Democrat criticizing Republicans for holding their ground. Ann Coulter once said, “It’s easy to know what Democrats are doing. Just listen to what they accuse of us doing.”

That is so true! A majority of Americans do not want Obamacare.

A majority of us did not want it when it was shoved through a Democrat super-majority Congress and signed by a Democrat president. (Check the polls.)

We’ve fought it in the courts and screamed our heads off trying to get it re-evaluated. At this point, Republican legislators are doing the only thing available to them by refusing to fund it.

It’s the Democrats who are making this an all-or-shutdown thing.

Don’t believe me?

  • Look up the VOTES for yourself. They’re all on-line. See URLs below.
  • Read the GOP bills that Republicans have PASSED to FUND government services.

Think for yourself for a change and stop letting these Democrat bullies and their lapdog media heads USE you to push their agendas at our expense.



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6 responses to “The 2013 Battle of Yorktown: A restaurant owner defies feds

  1. Mike Huckabee has a petition to get this bill signed @


  2. THIS is interesting. A CNN poll about the shut-down found:

    59% of Independents are angry at the Democrats,
    60% of Independents are angry at the GOP, and
    58% of Independents are angry at Obama.


    • Ting

      The discouraging part in that poll for me was the almost 70% who thought the govt. shutdown was a crisis or major problem. To me that shows the still powerful influence of the media.

      Chrissy, thank you for all of your hard work to combat that media narrative, of crisis and of blame. You are working harder during this shutdown than any of the parties who could actually solve it.


      • chrissythehyphenated

        Aw, thanks Ting! I am feeling pretty raggedy around the edges from all the blogging. I hope my graphics and such are helping all y’all get the word out.


  3. Ting

    I did not even know this building was in Yorktown, much less the restaurant. That old brick is so beautiful. Guess Yorktown is on my short list for day trips now!