Scary bugs and brain dead reporters

The scary bugs news story is that it’s been a bumper year for the deadly giant hornet and folks in Shaanxi Province are getting badly injured and even killed by these apocalyptically creepy bugs with ginormous stingers and toxic venom.

Giant hornet queen

This video news story said the attacks were in “northwest” China.

Shaanxi is pretty darn close to being right in the center of China. It’s kinda north, but definitely not west.

Shaanxi Province, China

But the super duper seriously humongous MEGA FAIL goes to CNN which first off appears to place the attacks in HONG KONG with a brief story that says, “Disturbing story out of China …” with this screen and no further information about the actual location of the attacks in China.

2013_10 07 CNN Hong Kong

Then, having goofed that bit up, they take it further and try to “ejukate” us all about “Where in the world is Hong Kong?” with THIS graphic:

2013_10 07 CNN puts Hong Kong in So Amer

Ummmmmmmm … that would be SOUTH AMERICA which is, you know, like a-whole-nother CONTINENT from ASIA where Hong Kong is … besides which the hornets aren’t in HONG KONG EITHER.

Aren’t these brain-dead Leftists the same people who honked and snorted at “dumb” Sarah Palin because she said “country” instead of “continent” when talking about Africa? (Which is totally Not At All like saying there are 57 states in America. Or something.)



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5 responses to “Scary bugs and brain dead reporters

  1. GP

    Did CNN really think Hong Kong was in S. America?
    We really have been dumbing down.
    Speaking of scary stuff-
    Happy Halloween!:



  2. Okay, I can understand it when people confuse Thailand and Taiwan, or Mali and Malawi, or Pretoria and Peoria… but Hong Kong and South America? That’s just a whole new level of imbecility. Are these people victims of American public miseducation? If so, I’ll bet they scored really high in self-esteem.


  3. I can’t believe EVEN CNN aired something that cringe-worthy. That’s gotta be a photoshop. Chrissy, your photoshooping skills are pretty good these days. 😉


    • Nope. It was at Twitchy!

      Somebody took a photo of the t.v. screen and sent it out on Twitter, where it went viral. I personally tracked down the original Hong Kong error by watching the videos at YouTube, which I think was courageous and above and beyond for me, cuz those are some nightmarish bugs! Brrrr.

      The two middle graphics are mine … map of China with place names highlights and the Hong Kong news report screenshot from YouTube. The first is from a news report about the attacks. The last is from whoever launched the original photo on Twitter.