Obamacare Just Gave Me A Death Sentence

EXCERPTS from  Obamacare Just Gave Me A Death Sentence by OneFedUpVoter:

I’ve had Blue-Cross/Blue-Shield of Michigan through my employer for more than 10 years.

With the implementation of Obamacare, my employer’s healthcare coverage is considered a ‘Cadillac’ plan.

This means that instead of being taxed on my actual salary, I will be taxed on my salary plus of the $12,000/year my employer pays for my premiums.

This puts me into a higher tax bracket that will add $4,000 extra per year to my tax bill … even if I don’t require any medical care at all. We’ll be lucky if we can keep our house

Last week, I received this Notification from Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan, dropping all coverage of compounded medications, specifically anything related to hormonal replacement.

2013_10 No compounded drugs allowed

The reason they are doing this is … because they can. They won the monopoly sweepstakes for health insurers in Michigan. No competition means they can do whatever they like.

I lost my mother last year to a hereditary condition related to a lack of certain hormones. I have been on compounded hormones for more than 4 years; without them, I have more than an 80% chance of developing this deadly disorder.

Contrary to Blue-Cross’s Notice, these compounded medications are not unsafe and there are NO adequate FDA approved alternatives I can take.

This has nothing to do with safety or efficacy; it has everything to do with profits. The disapproved compounded hormones are natural and unpatentable; the approved hormone substitutes are synthetic and bring in big bucks for Big Pharma.

To say my mother died, a horrible, slow, agonizing 20-year death would be an insufficient description of what happened to her. Now, due to Obamacare, I can look forward to the same.

I can’t afford the $4,000 extra taxes. How am I going to pay for these hormones?

Obamacare just gave me a very probable death sentence.

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3 responses to “Obamacare Just Gave Me A Death Sentence

  1. GP

    Because of one rogue pharmacist in CA. there has been an all out assault on compounding pharmacies. Just like their lobbying to get rid of supplements, this is just another ploy by Big Pharma to monopolize the market and make people dependent on drugs. Now we know why the drug companies were such huge supporters of obamacare-THEY stand to win more customers. When the govt. takes over, they will eventually be the only game in town.
    This is one of the things that scares me most about obamacare. We already have a system that favors big pharma because it helps to fund the FDA. With obamacare, we will be subjected to govt. health mandates, including forced vaccinations, and it will become harder to get herbal and supplemental therapies.
    This thing will be the death of us in more ways than one.
    As we know, obamacare, has nothing to do with healthcare. It is simply about the government controlling the one thing THEY should have NO say in; that is what we do with our own bodies.
    Pray it implodes before it kills us.
    This is why I think Rand Paul is the only republican who might be able to lead us out of this mess. He is loved by a lot of liberals who have turned libertarian. If he can turn them into GOP voters, we win.
    And Dr. Carson for VP!


  2. KellyM.

    So sorry to hear another horror story. Two family members were met with cancellation notices…people are starting to see the casualties mount. I agree, I think our only hope is it collapses on itself. On a side note, I went to a compound pharmacy last year and received testosterone. I was afraid that this would increase my chance of certain types of cancer, so discontinued using it. My insurance (crappy) didn’t cover it, but I was happy to pay for something I believed in more than the pharmaceutical hormone prescriptions. I know you ‘re not an MD, but do you think these are considered safe? Just curious…:) BTW….I already have huge issues with the vaccination schedule…only acceptable exemption in NY is religious…which I almost think is funny.


  3. The religious exemption for vaccinations is going to bite the dust. Obamacare mandates for artificial contraception, surgical sterilization, and abortifacients already apply to every insurer and employer, regardless of any objections on religious grounds, so the religious exemption for vaccination can’t be far behind. The first amendment is a dead letter to these scoundrels.