Essential vs Non-Essential in Bizarro World

2013_10 07 Let's Move vs Amber Alert


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4 responses to “Essential vs Non-Essential in Bizarro World

  1. In Barry-zarrØ World … as long as kidnappers make sure their child victims have a water bottle and some room to bump and jive, it’s cool.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I just got an email from a Navy wife whose hubby’s cyber school has been postponed indefinitely. They’re desperate for guys trained in this, so “non-essential” is a load of donkey doo. Not to mention that they sent all these guys back to their bases of origin until they can start the class up again. So all that travel and paper work … WASTED TAXPAYERS’ MONEY.


      • Just heard from Mama Buzz. Her Army hubby’s TDY class has also been cancelled. He’s flying back home without completing it. They’ll be reimbursed for his travel expenses. Add that to all the organizational efforts and teaching of only part of a class …. LOTS more wasted taxpayers’ money.