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We saw earlier this week how our narcissistic, petty-pants, banana dictator of a president spent more money trying to prevent WWII vets from visiting their own open-air memorial than ever gets spent babysitting the area when the government is not shut down.

Now we hear via Breitbart that the vile little toad has sent National Park Service (NPS) personnel out across the country to shut down HUNDREDS of parks and historic sites that the federal government DOES NOT FUND!

The famous Ford’s Theater — site of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination — is run by a private non-profit group.

Obama had it forcibly shut down.

The Claude Moore Colonial Farm (CMCF) in Virginia receives ZERO funding from the government.

Obama ordered the NPS to barge in to the Farm, without prior notification, and remove all staff and volunteers, then barricade the public access points, right before a scheduled event.

In Arizona, 100 campgrounds are managed by Recreation Resource Management and fully funded by visitor fees.

Obama had all of them forcibly shuttered and all campers kicked out.

George Washington’s home — Mount Vernon — is run by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association, a group that takes no federal or state money to operate.

God bless those Southern Belles! They told the NPS stormtroopers to skedaddle. Mount Vernon was staying open.

Newt Gingrich tweeted that Obama wasn’t going to take THAT lying down. No sirreeeeee. He had his Spite Squad barricade the bus turn-around. I mean … those damn Mount Vernon ladies are probably Tea Party Terrorists … or something.

2013_10 02 Tour bus turn around closed



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