Obama will arrest priests for celebrating Mass?

Every time I think the Obama Democrats have hit bottom, they find some way to dig their Hell Pit a little deeper.

The U.S. military is roughly 25% Catholic, but Catholic priests make up only about 8% of the active duty Chaplain Corps.

The 275,000 Catholic men and women in uniform (and their spouses and children) are served by only 234 active duty priests.

The military deals with this priest shortage by hiring local civilian priests to service bases where an active duty Catholic Chaplain is not present.

These priests are among those government personnel the Obama Democrats refuse to pay during the government shutdown.

But it goes further. Obama Democrats are not just refusing to pay civilian priests; they are also threatening to ARREST them if they even try to VOLUNTEER.

Military communion

Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo, a graduate of West Point and an Army veteran, issued a statement today saying,

“The President’s strategy during the slowdown, just as during the sequestration, is to create as much pain as possible. However, this action crosses a constitutional line of obstructing every U.S. service member’s ability to practice his or her religion.

I just emailed the Archbishop of the AMS and said I hoped he planned to encourage his priests to defy Obama.

The WWII vets said NO and won. If priests just show up at every base as usual, they’ll win that as well.

Bishop Tutu - Choosing sides


ABOUT the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA (AMS)

  • AMS was created as an independent archdiocese by Pope John Paul II in 1985 as the only Catholic jurisdiction responsible for endorsing and granting faculties for priests to serve as chaplains in the U.S. military and VA Medical Centers.
  • AMS-endorsed chaplains serve at more than 220 U.S. military installations in 29 countries, making the AMS the nation’s only global archdiocese. AMS-endorsed chaplains also serve at 153 VA Medical Centers throughout the U.S.
  • The AMS service population also includes American Catholic civilians working for the federal government in 134 countries, but currently, due to limited resources, the AMS cannot adequately serve this population.
  • Worldwide, an estimated 1.8 million Catholics depend on the AMS to meet their spiritual and sacramental needs.
  • For more information on the Archdiocese for the Military Services, visit http://www.milarch.org, the only official Web site for Catholics in the military and for the Cause of Father Vincent Capodanno, MM.


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3 responses to “Obama will arrest priests for celebrating Mass?

  1. Ting

    This is a bridge too far. I don’t see how in the world they can be arrested for exercising their first amendment rights. I hope at least one of these priests is brave enough to allow himself to be arrested so the case can go to trial.


    • I just hope the priests bring along someone with a camera, to document their arrest so everyone can see it.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I am HOPING a lot of them just go about their usual schedules tomorrow. The PR of following through on the threat would be as big a nightmare as hassling the vets at WWII Meml was.

      I’m thinking it could be as big a FAIL for Bambi as the WWII Meml was. From what I could discern, the park police were NOT HAPPY about being put out there to do Captain Zero’s dirty work.

      There were a lot of pics of them on phones and public statements about how they were asking up the chain what to do. Then THEY came out with the “First Amendment Activity” thing and “the White House had no comment.” Later, I saw that quote by a park ranger about their orders being “disgusting.”

      I’ve seen 2 stats about military Christianity … 1/4 are Catholic, 1/3 are Evangelical. Dunno how accurate the latter is. The former is from the Archdiocese of the Military Services, so probably correct, despite many no doubt being like my sil, who self-identifies as RC but doesn’t show up at Mass more than Easter and Christmas.

      Still … we’re looking at a LOT of soldiers who have put their lives on the line to defend the Constitution. Not Barack H. Obama. The CONSTITUTION. That’s what their oath is about. They take it seriously. And many of them are Christian.

      I hope hope hope (and am praying!!) the priests show up and some schmuck TRIES to get the MPs to arrest some of them. Soldiers are as likely to carry iphones as anyone else. YouTube!!!!!!!!!!