ObamaCare never has and never will be about helping the poor. If they’d ever given a toot about actual people, they’d have reformed health care in the practical ways the GOP proposed, ways that WORK.

  1. Allow citizens to buy insurance plans anywhere, not just within their own states.
  2. Switch tax subsidies from employers to individuals so everyone gets insurance as individuals, regardless of where they work.
  • These two changes alone would’ve opened up a huge market of health insurance plans of all shapes, sizes and premium levels.
  • These two changes would’ve freed people trapped in jobs they hate because they don’t dare lose their employer-based insurance plan.
  • These two changes would’ve created low-cost catastrophic coverage options that uninsured people in low-paying service industry jobs where insurance isn’t included could afford.

Instead, they shoved ZeroCare down our throats, something that has a proven track record in many countries, including here (Medicare, Medicaid) of providing least care for most money. Why? Because it provides the most POWER and CONTROL and that’s what it was and is about.

The PTBs in DC rake in the bucks, then use them to pay off cronies and punish enemies. Case in point: Abortion.

ObamaCare mandates everybody pay directly into a fund that does nothing except buy abortions. IOW, they extort money from Pro-Lifers (mostly Republicans) and give it to abortionists who turn around and donate it to Pro-Abortion Democrat campaign coffers to ensure their right to kill goes unimpeded.

Do you think if Dems cared about actual people, Harry Reid could have EVER said what he did about kids with cancer? They don’t care who gets hurt during this government shut down, just so long as they hang on to their POWER.

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