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Obama will arrest priests for celebrating Mass?

Every time I think the Obama Democrats have hit bottom, they find some way to dig their Hell Pit a little deeper.

The U.S. military is roughly 25% Catholic, but Catholic priests make up only about 8% of the active duty Chaplain Corps.

The 275,000 Catholic men and women in uniform (and their spouses and children) are served by only 234 active duty priests.

The military deals with this priest shortage by hiring local civilian priests to service bases where an active duty Catholic Chaplain is not present.

These priests are among those government personnel the Obama Democrats refuse to pay during the government shutdown.

But it goes further. Obama Democrats are not just refusing to pay civilian priests; they are also threatening to ARREST them if they even try to VOLUNTEER.

Military communion

Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo, a graduate of West Point and an Army veteran, issued a statement today saying,

“The President’s strategy during the slowdown, just as during the sequestration, is to create as much pain as possible. However, this action crosses a constitutional line of obstructing every U.S. service member’s ability to practice his or her religion.

I just emailed the Archbishop of the AMS and said I hoped he planned to encourage his priests to defy Obama.

The WWII vets said NO and won. If priests just show up at every base as usual, they’ll win that as well.

Bishop Tutu - Choosing sides


ABOUT the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA (AMS)

  • AMS was created as an independent archdiocese by Pope John Paul II in 1985 as the only Catholic jurisdiction responsible for endorsing and granting faculties for priests to serve as chaplains in the U.S. military and VA Medical Centers.
  • AMS-endorsed chaplains serve at more than 220 U.S. military installations in 29 countries, making the AMS the nation’s only global archdiocese. AMS-endorsed chaplains also serve at 153 VA Medical Centers throughout the U.S.
  • The AMS service population also includes American Catholic civilians working for the federal government in 134 countries, but currently, due to limited resources, the AMS cannot adequately serve this population.
  • Worldwide, an estimated 1.8 million Catholics depend on the AMS to meet their spiritual and sacramental needs.
  • For more information on the Archdiocese for the Military Services, visit http://www.milarch.org, the only official Web site for Catholics in the military and for the Cause of Father Vincent Capodanno, MM.


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On Wisconsin!

From The Washington Times:

National parks facing federal furlough orders may be shutting down around the nation, but not so in Wisconsin.

Republican Governor Scott Walker said he’s not closing the federal lands to visitors, in blatant defiance of the National Park Service’s demand, Breitbart.com reported. The federal agency had specifically ordered park officials in Wisconsin to close doors on Kettle Moraine, Devil’s Lake and Interstate parks, as well as sections of Horicon Marsh — sections that were owned by the state, no less — but Wisconsin authorities shunned the demand.

The state Department of Natural Resources said most of the Wisconsin’s parks identified by the federal agency for closure get most of their money from local taxpayers, not federal coffers. Park authorities said they’re not complying with the federal order.

Wisconsin DNR said in a statement: “All state parks, trails and other recreational properties [are] open and not affected by the federal government’s budget problems.” (continue reading)

How much you wanna bet he hasn’t signed up for Obamacare either?

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ObamaCare never has and never will be about helping the poor. If they’d ever given a toot about actual people, they’d have reformed health care in the practical ways the GOP proposed, ways that WORK.

  1. Allow citizens to buy insurance plans anywhere, not just within their own states.
  2. Switch tax subsidies from employers to individuals so everyone gets insurance as individuals, regardless of where they work.
  • These two changes alone would’ve opened up a huge market of health insurance plans of all shapes, sizes and premium levels.
  • These two changes would’ve freed people trapped in jobs they hate because they don’t dare lose their employer-based insurance plan.
  • These two changes would’ve created low-cost catastrophic coverage options that uninsured people in low-paying service industry jobs where insurance isn’t included could afford.

Instead, they shoved ZeroCare down our throats, something that has a proven track record in many countries, including here (Medicare, Medicaid) of providing least care for most money. Why? Because it provides the most POWER and CONTROL and that’s what it was and is about.

The PTBs in DC rake in the bucks, then use them to pay off cronies and punish enemies. Case in point: Abortion.

ObamaCare mandates everybody pay directly into a fund that does nothing except buy abortions. IOW, they extort money from Pro-Lifers (mostly Republicans) and give it to abortionists who turn around and donate it to Pro-Abortion Democrat campaign coffers to ensure their right to kill goes unimpeded.

Do you think if Dems cared about actual people, Harry Reid could have EVER said what he did about kids with cancer? They don’t care who gets hurt during this government shut down, just so long as they hang on to their POWER.

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Democrats: Stop holding America hostage

2013_10 02 Govt shut down photo

WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) released the following statement on the Senate’s refusal to take up House-passed continuing resolutions:

“This morning, disability payments for wounded veterans would be fully funded if not for Harry Reid.

“This morning, our National Guard and reservists would be fully funded if not for Harry Reid.

“This morning, our national parks and war memorials would be open and fully funded if not for Harry Reid.

“This morning, the National Institutes of Health would be fully funded if not for Harry Reid.

“Harry Reid and President Obama should stop playing partisan games; they believe that the shutdown benefits them politically, and so they are cynically trying to make it as painful as possible for the American people.

“None of these limited CRs implicates or even mentions Obamacare; Harry Reid and President Obama shouldn’t be holding veterans hostage simply to force Obamacare on the American people.

“The House of Representatives has passed bipartisan funding for all these government functions; Senate Republicans are united in support of these vital funding bills. It is only because Harry Reid and Senate Democrats continue to object that these are not today on the President’s desk.”



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This was on WaPo, for goodness sake!

With the unicorn!!

2013_10 03 Ocare incompetence


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Sign the petition!

Don’t blink! [:54]

Go to https://secure.campaignsolutions.com/theteaparty/donation4zd/Default.aspx?initiativekey=XMA7O6P8TIDS to read about the petition system TheTeaParty.net has invested in to help us get our voices heard by our representatives in Washington, DC. From here, you can go to the “DEFUND Obamacare NOW” petition. You can donate or NOT. There’s no obligation.

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SOP: Lies and Hypocrisy from the Left


2013_10 MSM lies

BHO doesn't want Ocare

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