What You Need to Know About a Government Shutdown

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What You Need to Know About a Government Shutdown by Congressman Jack Kingston (GA)

Why Are We Here?

In accordance with Article I, Section 9, Clause 7 of the United States Constitution, “no money shall be drawn from the Treasury but in consequence of Appropriations made by law.” The law under which government is currently funded expires at midnight on Monday, September 30.

What Has the House Done?

The House, committed to preventing a government shutdown, has passed three temporary spending measures called ‘continuing resolutions’ which would keep the government open. The first continuing resolution repealed Obamacare, while the second delayed the plan for a year and included conscience protection. The House passed a third compromise measure including a one year delay of the individual mandate, pushing the President, Vice President, and political appointees into the system and removing all taxpayer subsidies for the President, Vice President, Members, and staff.

What Has the Senate Done?

The Senate refused to work this weekend while the House remained in session and Senate Democrats have refused to work with the House to reach agreement. Instead, they have flatly rejected the House’s efforts to prevent a shutdown and refused to offer compromise.

What Has the President Done?

President Obama has refused to engage in negotiations with Congress, opting instead to golf on a taxpayer-funded course over the weekend. While his own Administration has exempted several portions of the law by executive fiat, he refuses to extend those same protections to the American people.

What Shuts Down?

“Non-excepted” parts of the government will be closed, including the Smithsonian museums, national monuments, national parks, and Capitol tours. Certain services such as the expedition of a passport would also cease.

What Stays Open?

Sectors of government deemed “excepted” will continue to conduct business. Therefore, programs written into permanent law (Social Security), functions pertaining to national security or public safety continue to operate.

Does Congress Get Paid?

Members of Congress are paid under constitutional law, and “excepted” congressional staff members receive payment in the form of back pay once the shutdown is over. Other essential federal employees continue to work and have historically received payment after a delay, although it is not guaranteed.

What About Our Troops?

On Saturday, the House unanimously approved a bill proposed by Congressman Kingston along with Reps. Mike Coffman (R-CO), Louie Gohmert (R-TX), and Tom Latham (R-IA) to ensure the payment of our troops and supporting civilian employees or contractors in the event of a government shutdown. On Monday, the Senate followed up with passage by unanimous consent.

2013_10 01 Reid the Inflexible

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23 responses to “What You Need to Know About a Government Shutdown

  1. If a CEO could not get a budget together and their company came to a halt, they would be fired.


  2. All 54 Senate Democrats voted for an Obamacare exemption that treats Congress better than the American people.


  3. House Republicans remain at work, with three new initiatives coming down the pike tonight — an initiative to continue giving veterans their pay, an initiative to keep national parks — including the WWII Memorial — open, and an initiative to ensure Members of Congress are subject to the same regulations as the rest of Americans.


  4. Tweet: The WWII memorial went from being unstaffed to having Lots of Staff Intended to Keep People Out.

    Seriously? They PUT people out there to STOP Americans from seeing an UNMANNED memorial? Really truly and fershure, Obama Democrats are the biggest bunch of turds EVER.


  5. Rep. Steve Stockman ‏- Under Obama orders if a person shows vets around the WW2 memorial he is not essential, but if he puts up barricades to keep them out he is.

    John Nolte ‏- Obama such a petty tyrant who selectively enforced laws, he sticks it to WWII vets for no reason but to be a petty g**damned tyrant.

    Between this and the vet vote, I may have a stroke. The veins on my neck actually HURT.


  6. Betcha didn’t know the President of the United States had the power to forbid people from looking at National Monuments if he felt like it. It’s in the Constitution. Or something.


  7. Kristina Ribali ‏- Why was the World War II Memorial barricaded? Spite.


  8. iowahawkblog – I fully expect http://HonorFlight.org to now be dragged before the IRS for an audit. I am not joking.


  9. Natl Park Service tells #HonorFlight Vets they’ll be arrested if they visit WWII memorial.


  10. Tampa – Obama moved faster to barricade elderly vets from visiting a WWII memorial than he did to protect a US Ambassador from al Qaeda in Benghazi.


    • GP

      Oh how I hope these Vets show up and dare obamas guard dogs to arrest them.
      How the hell is this not front page?
      How does it make sense to close a monument due to lack of funds to man it, and then turn around and hire goons to police it?
      Damn this govt. is INSANITY!
      I am with you Chrissy. My veins are poppin’ too!