My friend was healed of cancer at Lourdes

I used to be part of the RCIA Core Team in my parish. At our end of term picnic, one of the older ladies kind of called us all to attention and said, “I’ve never talked about this publicly before, but I think it’s time. Thirteen years ago, I was healed of cancer at Lourdes.” It was an amazing story.

She had had small malignant tumors on her face removed twice, but the cancer had come back and her doctor told her the next surgery was going to leave her disfigured. She showed us the scarring from the first surgeries. On the left side of her chin, next to her lower lip was a big patch of kind of shiny skin. I’d never noticed it, but when she pointed it out, it was easy to see.

The new tumor was going to mean taking out part of her lip, yet she was apparently quite calm about it, only asking they delay the date until after she got back from a trip she’d promised to take with a friend who was nervous of traveling alone. The trip was to the Marian Shrine at Lourdes, site of numerous miraculous healings. Yet somehow, my friend never thought to go for herself, just to be a companion to her friend.

When they got there, her friend wanted her to go into the baths, which she didn’t care about doing, but again, for her friend, she went down the steps. She said they had two volunteer companions in the waters to help each person down the steps, then walk across to the other side of the pool which I gathered was about chest high on this little lady. Then they dunked her completely under, walked her back and up the steps where more volunteers waited with towels.

As she went up the steps, the ladies in the water and out were jabbering excitedly (probably in French) and pointing and poking at her. She was TOTALLY DRY. Her hair, her clothes, as soon as it rose above the level of the water, it was totally dry! Funnily enough, she didn’t think much of it!

The next morning, she was sitting on her bed waiting for her friend to finish in the bathroom. When the friend came out, she looked at this lady and screamed! “Look! Look!! Go in the bathroom and look in the mirror!!!”

Her face was totally clear of all cancer. And it never came back.

She said her friend and her doctor obviously knew. The only other person she told was her pastor at the time. She had no interest in reporting it to Lourdes because of all the fuss it would involve, producing medical records, going back to Lourdes repeatedly for examinations. She doesn’t seem to have been all that confident the cancer wouldn’t return, maybe because she felt unworthy or because it had come back twice before. I don’t know. I’m just grateful I was there the day God told her to finally tell her story.

It’s one thing when someone you don’t know stands in a spotlight and says, “Look at me! God healed me!” You just gotta wonder if they’re legit or have some angle or con going on. But I’d known this woman and her companion for years through our parish work. They were both regulars at Mass and the annual women’s retreat … those “salt of the earth” kind of people who don’t gossip or flutter around demanding attention, but do roll up their sleeves when there’s work to be done. I think the thing that struck me most in her telling of this remarkable story is now embarrassed she seemed about it all.

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3 responses to “My friend was healed of cancer at Lourdes

  1. That’s stunning! What a blessing to know someone personally who’s experienced that. My grandmother went to Lourdes once, but I don’t know anyone else. If you ever decide to go with DH, maybe we should all get some time off and go with you! With this gov’t shutdown, none of us will be working for a while. May as well go get some wine and French food. The boys have been wanting to hike the Way of St. James from the Pyrenees into Spain, anyway. 😉


    • GP

      I went to Lourdes in 2005 with my SIL. It was Nov. so there were no people around. Since I am not a Catholic, I was not as moved by it all as my SIL was, and my French friends, who lived nearby and actually brought us to the place were real cynics.
      But I thought what the heck, “when in Rome” and like her, I brought back some water (it was easier back then, when we could bring it on the plane).
      Well she gave the holy water to all her friends, but since I did not know as many Catholics as she did I never used up all of mine. I put mine in the pantry and forgot about it. When I was going in for cancer surgery 6 years ago, she reminded me about the water, so I drank some and put some on my breast that morning.
      Last year, I was doing water testing, and decided to test the water from Lourdes. I had stored it in a plain water bottle, but when I opened it, it went Swoosh ! Like opening Champagne. It tested with a perfect PH, and free of any toxins, even though it was in that cheap BPA water bottle.
      Who knows If the waters are magic. But I know that faith is powerful. Here I am, cancer free, because I never stopped believing it was not going to kill me.
      I really wish everyone could go there. It is an amazing place, even though all the kitsch reminded me of the Wisconsin Dells.
      Maybe we should all go together? I will be happy to guide you. Heaven knows we can all use a miracle these days.


      • I’m sure we’d all be happy to have you guide us, GP. And I’m glad you’re cancer free! That is a blessing, indeed. Who knows? Perhaps your faith healed you? I’m quite certain there’s no “magic” involved, but God has been using physical things (fire, water, spit, oil, bread and wine) to do his work since the beginning, so I don’t see anything wrong with allowing those things to be part of the process.

        I’ve seen some beautiful photos of the basilica there. I certainly wouldn’t mind going some day.