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Allen West posted this 48 minutes ago. It clocked an additional 50 LIKES in the time it took me to open up this text file to blog it! LOL

In Washington DC there are three things that must be balanced: politics, policy, and procedure. We just witnessed the despicable failure of American stewardship by Harry Reid and the Senate liberal progressives in killing the House legislation that leveled the playing field for hardworking middle income American families. Instead, led by the egomaniacal, arrogant Barack Obama, Democrats have proven themselves hypocritical elitists who seek to abuse the American people in the political game of “blame checkers” to attain power. I think if Assad, Putin, or Rouhani were House Speaker there would have been more communication. The House GOP is focused on good policy, as Obamacare is an abysmal partisan piece of garbage. The House GOP should now follow regular order procedure and pass prioritized federal government spending bills. America, let us promise to never again elect as President any charismatic, community organizing liars who play lots of golf.



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About that debt limit

Obama says Republicans are forcing an “all or nothing” vote on Obamacare and the federal debt.

That’s a blatant lie. 

  • The Republican-majority House voted for “all but Obamacare.”
  • The Democrat-majority Senate voted for “all or nothing.”

How Obama Democrats and Obamacare are failing Americans [2:09]

A guide to the American Federal Debt for Dummies [3:09]

Leno on debt

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Mascot Update

2013_09 30 Woman driver

2013_09 30 Hands ON the wheel!

2013_09 27 Holding the leash

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April 27, 2014: Canonizations in Rome

Pope JP II - Your move Batman

Popes John XXIII and John Paul II will be declared Saints by Pope Francis next spring on the Feast of Divine Mercy.

Church rules governing the process for beatification and canonization ordinarily require the confirmation of 2 miracles: the first before a candidate is beatified, and a 2nd subsequent miracle after the beatification to fulfill the requirements for canonization.

The point of these miracles is to ensure that God wants these people canonized, since it is He who performs miracles, not the saints.

Saints are held up to the faithful as examples, so the Congregation for the Causes of Saints begins by being very careful who is even considered for beatification. There is extensive research into the person’s life and writings, interviews with survivors, etc.

The Church appoints people to act as the Devil’s advocate and argue against the candidate and any reported miracles.

The miracles leading to the canonization of Pope John Paul II include a French nun healed of Parkinson’s disease and a Costa Rican woman healed of a brain aneurysm.

Netflix has three pages of movies about JPII. I’ve seen these three and can highly recommend them.

Pope JP II movie recommends


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My friend was healed of cancer at Lourdes

I used to be part of the RCIA Core Team in my parish. At our end of term picnic, one of the older ladies kind of called us all to attention and said, “I’ve never talked about this publicly before, but I think it’s time. Thirteen years ago, I was healed of cancer at Lourdes.” It was an amazing story.

She had had small malignant tumors on her face removed twice, but the cancer had come back and her doctor told her the next surgery was going to leave her disfigured. She showed us the scarring from the first surgeries. On the left side of her chin, next to her lower lip was a big patch of kind of shiny skin. I’d never noticed it, but when she pointed it out, it was easy to see.

The new tumor was going to mean taking out part of her lip, yet she was apparently quite calm about it, only asking they delay the date until after she got back from a trip she’d promised to take with a friend who was nervous of traveling alone. The trip was to the Marian Shrine at Lourdes, site of numerous miraculous healings. Yet somehow, my friend never thought to go for herself, just to be a companion to her friend.

When they got there, her friend wanted her to go into the baths, which she didn’t care about doing, but again, for her friend, she went down the steps. She said they had two volunteer companions in the waters to help each person down the steps, then walk across to the other side of the pool which I gathered was about chest high on this little lady. Then they dunked her completely under, walked her back and up the steps where more volunteers waited with towels.

As she went up the steps, the ladies in the water and out were jabbering excitedly (probably in French) and pointing and poking at her. She was TOTALLY DRY. Her hair, her clothes, as soon as it rose above the level of the water, it was totally dry! Funnily enough, she didn’t think much of it!

The next morning, she was sitting on her bed waiting for her friend to finish in the bathroom. When the friend came out, she looked at this lady and screamed! “Look! Look!! Go in the bathroom and look in the mirror!!!”

Her face was totally clear of all cancer. And it never came back.

She said her friend and her doctor obviously knew. The only other person she told was her pastor at the time. She had no interest in reporting it to Lourdes because of all the fuss it would involve, producing medical records, going back to Lourdes repeatedly for examinations. She doesn’t seem to have been all that confident the cancer wouldn’t return, maybe because she felt unworthy or because it had come back twice before. I don’t know. I’m just grateful I was there the day God told her to finally tell her story.

It’s one thing when someone you don’t know stands in a spotlight and says, “Look at me! God healed me!” You just gotta wonder if they’re legit or have some angle or con going on. But I’d known this woman and her companion for years through our parish work. They were both regulars at Mass and the annual women’s retreat … those “salt of the earth” kind of people who don’t gossip or flutter around demanding attention, but do roll up their sleeves when there’s work to be done. I think the thing that struck me most in her telling of this remarkable story is now embarrassed she seemed about it all.

More about Lourdes:



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I usually only do one post a day,but I had to vent a little.If you don’t bother reading anything,it’s OK.


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Does it seem to anyone else that the more the dems get,the angrier and greedier they get?

They had it all after the 2008 elections and still behaved like the ill-mannered louts they are.The GOP became the majority in the house in 2010 and instantly became the scapegoat for every government failure.With the shutdown looming tomorrow the libs show no indication of negotiating with republicans whatever.They don’t have to.Just shut things down,trot a few public union ‘victims’ in front of the cameras and let their propaganda machine batter the republicans mercilessly until they submit.I put the over/under on capitulation at 3 1/2 days.

There was so much venom spewed over the weekend,I had to put it in a separate post.Were I as talented as Chrissy,I could just post pictures alongside the bile that they disseminated.I’m not,so I have to C&P links and some youtubes for you to look over.If you don’t want to bother I can’t blame you.I just did it to lower my blood pressure.Anyway,it’s done.











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Tall two year olds


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Back Tapping 101 by The Honest Toddler

Some/All of you have become terrible at back tapping. Here is a free fresher course. No string attached. If you see any strings please give them to me because they’re mine.

Tapping a child’s back is a simple way to show you are sorry for the day’s events. Take pride in your work and stop being selfish.

  1. “I’m busy doing important things.” Your McDonald’s apple pies and TV will be there when you return don’t worry.
  2. “How long should back tapping last?” Once you stop loving you child feel free to walk away.
  3. “It’s late at night. Should I back tap?” Unless you have a notarized doctor’s note for an allergy to moonlight, yes.
  4. “Why notarized?” Because you’re a liar.
  5. “My arm hurts.” This is normal. You are transferring your strength into your child.
  6. “My arm hurts.” Sacrifice can be feel uncomfortable. For instant relief focus on the reasons you became a parent.
  7. “I’m bored.” Instagram this moment in your head. Make it look like an old photo and pretend your friends can see.
  8. “My arm still hurts.” Maybe you just want attention. Unfortunately this isn’t possible so feel free to keep talking about this pain in your mind only.
  9. “Can I switch hands?” Only if you can do so without drawing attention to yourself.
  10. “How much force?” You don’t get points for being scary strong. You’re relaxing a child, not manually resetting their heartbeat.
  11. “My child is asleep. Can I leave?” Wait until REM (Really Enjoying Mattress). Stay in the room.
  12. “Can I check my Facebook while back tapping?” No because your tapping become arrhythmic and VERY LAZY.
  13. “It’s morning. I can see the sun.” Congratulations! Your reward is making breakfast yay.

Source @ http://www.facebook.com/honesttoddler/posts/404038043058920

BONUS QUIZ: Can you tell the difference between modern art and toddler art?


For the record, I sold my first piece of art when I was 7 for $2. Then I majored in Art History in college and have a framed piece by my 2yo grandson in my home. I only got 4 out of 11 correct! LOL


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