We Will Not Comply

Civil disobedience - Gandhi

October 1, 2013 – Obamacare Exchanges open, ushering in mandated direct and/or indirect funding for abortion in most health insurance policies.

  • The ACA requires that health insurance premiums include at least a monthly one dollar surcharge that will be used directly to underwrite abortions.
  • The HHS Mandate requires all non-exempt businesses and institutions – including religious institutions – facilitate contraception, sterilizations and abortion-inducing drugs in their policies.

Civil disobedience - composite

A coalition of pro-life leaders has developed a unified “We Will Not Comply” response to this assault on life, conscience and religious liberty.

A Pledge for the Preservation of Life and Liberty


This Pledge has been carefully crafted to stand as a ‘line in the sand’. In its final paragraph, it states:

We declare that we will not comply with any regulation of the ACA wherein we are forced to pay for abortion or forced to willfully participate in the killing of innocent children.

In practicality, this means we will not choose an insurance policy that contains abortion funding, whether directly or indirectly, even to the point of choosing no insurance, at all. Furthermore, we support any citizen who chooses to act in peaceful protest, including non-violent civil disobedience, as the government has no authority to force us, as free citizens, to violate our conscience or forfeit our religious freedoms.


Civil disobedience - St Thomas More

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a nationwide bulletin in June 2012, calling all American Catholics to prepare themselves to engage in civil disobedience to Obamacare. It’s brief and to the point:





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5 responses to “We Will Not Comply

  1. I’m expecting to hear any day from my insurer that the policy I have that covers my daughter and me (the one Obama told me I would be able to keep) has been canceled. I told my husband (who is on Medicare) that I’m not going to buy insurance through some stupid obamacare exchange. He said you have to, it’s the law. I said no, I don’t have to, I’ll pay the stupid penalty. He said that if the teenager or I get sick and need some expensive hospitalization or medical treatment or whatever, we’ll lose everything we own. I said no, we won’t — insurers can’t turn you down you because of a pre-existing condition, so if one of us gets sick or gets hit by a truck or something, we can go buy insurance and they’ll have to cover us. That was kind of the end of the discussion, at least for the time being…


    • Dh and I discussed this today. We went with, “Who are we to worry about having something bad happen that we can’t afford? Christians in the first centuries went to their deaths rather than throw a pinch of incense on a brazier.”


      • So true. They had a lot more courage back in the old days!

        My husband is a major worrywart and he has always been obsessive about having everything insured. He even had life insurance on himself when he was single and childless. I asked him why he would bother buying life insurance when he had no dependents to provide for, and he said it was so that no one would get stuck with the cost of burying him if he died. After we were married and started having kids, he insisted on having life insurance on me, even though I have never brought in an income and my death would not cause financial hardship to anyone. He carried disability insurance on himself for decades, because SSDI kicks in only if you become so disabled that you can’t work at all, not if you’re only disabled to the point that you can’t do your normal job but you’re still able to flip burgers at McDonalds. We have health insurance, homeowners insurance, liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, car insurance, life insurance, collectors insurance — you name it, we’ve got it. About the only thing in this house that’s not insured is the cats. And my husband is such a pessimist that he figures if I don’t have insurance for myself and the teenager, for sure something horrible will happen that will wipe us out financially and we’ll end up homeless and living in a cardboard box. I can see this is going to be a contentious issue with us…


        • This is not a laughing matter, I know; especially now with ObamaScare to worry about, but this cracks me up. You should do stand up, Bob. Funny stuff. My wife is usually only funny (or happy) when she is making fun of me (or the kids), but you seem to have broader comedic appeal. I don’t think you’ll ever have to flip burgers with a wit like this.