Obama’s Promise vs. ObamaCare’s Reality

Obama’s Promise: Your premiums will go DOWN by as much as $2,500 per family of four per year

ObamaCare’s Reality: Your premiums will go UP by as much as $1,000 per family of four per year


I do not like Obamacare

Rep Tom Reid says, If the President and Harry Reid continue to refuse to negotiate, I support presenting a simple request to them: repeal the special treatment under Obamacare that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the President secured for Members of Congress and their DC insider friends, and I will vote to keep the government open.” https://www.facebook.com/RepTomReed

Ryan and Obama - Facts

ObamaCare: Smoke And Mirrors by Elaina F. George, MD


EXCERPT: Since the United Nations created the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948, there has been an inexorable movement toward a centralized power that shifts decisions from individuals to government through regulation and mandates. It has readily caught on abroad and anchors socialized medicine. America was virtually the only western holdout. That changed in 1965, when the expansion of Social Security created Medicare, which, essentially, is socialized medicine for seniors.

ObamaCare is following in Medicare’s footsteps:

  • Just like ObamaCare, Medicare was sold as a government program to take care of Americans. Government became the benefactor, caregiver and savior — absolving Americans from personal responsibility. All they had to do was give their faith and money to the government.
  • Just like ObamaCare, Medicare was drafted by bureaucrats and politicians seemingly more interested in concentrating power and controlling the purse strings.
  • Just like ObamaCare, no doctors or patients were involved in the crafting of Medicare. There were no true advocates for the patient.

Over the years, Medicare devolved into a bloated, wasteful and soon-to-be bankrupt system. It has been a piggy bank for Congress (in fact, $700 billion from the Medicare trust fund was raided to help fund ObamaCare).

Costs have increased through higher deductibles while there has been a steady decline in access and treatment options. For those who argue that health care will improve under ObamaCare, note that Medicare reimbursements to hospices will increase one percent while hospital reimbursements fall. This makes it hard to argue that a new system will not emphasize rationing and palliative care to decrease costs.

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