Malignant Narcissism in the White House

2013_09 Why folks don't trust BHO on Syria

Barack Obama never was a great man. He never was even a good man.

  • As Navy Seals approached Osama bin Laden’s hideout, Barack Obama played cards with his pals.
  • While our consulate in Benghazi was under armed assault, Barack Obama packed a bag for Vegas and went to bed early.
  • As the Navy Yard death toll mounted, Barack Obama delivered a strident speech about how evil all Republicans are.

We had lots of reasons to know the shallow, petty, malignant character of Barack Obama, but the MSM didn’t care to expose it to the majority of voters. Here’s just one story we should have heard, but did not:

When Obama was in the Illinois Senate, a man got flustered trying to introduce him to a friend. In the nervous rush of the moment, he totally blanked on his friend’s name. Obama said, “Well, I guess he isn’t your friend, is he?” Then he presented his business card, said, “You’ll be hearing about me,” and left.

Can you imagine how the media would have handled that story if it had featured Sarah Palin?

The MSM is still trying to cover for Obama, even as he throws them under the bus whenever it suits his ego. But you can’t beat the internet for getting the truth out from under slimey partisan rocks.


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