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Update:it was a beautiful late summer Saturday afternoon.The fifth graders from Winnebago Middle School took to the gridiron to face the powerhouse team from Stillman Valley.Thier best player was a half-head taller than anybody else on the team and had long blonde hair.I told DD I was surprised they let boys grow their hair that long in these small towns.She said it wasn’t a boy.It was a girl and she was fierce.The ‘Bago boys fought valiantly but fell 0-36 to drop their record to 0-4.Dad and stepdad tried to cheer grandson up by telling him they won or lost as a team and the blocks and tackles he missed were not the cause of them losing.Then granddad imparted some wisdom on him.

did you have fun?


You wanna come back and play again next week?


That’s what matters.This is fun.If it was work,they’d call it work.They don’t.Its fun.When you’re old enough to work you can worry about making mistakes.Right now you’re supposed to have fun.Mom and dad will take care of the work stuff.

That seemed to be enough to get him out of his funk for awhile,anyway.Growing up is hard enough. There’s no sense putting pressure on the kids













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Obama’s Horsey Ride by Bob Keyser

2013_09 16 Obama's Horsey Ride by BKeyser

Tweeters are wetting their pants over this photoshop. Fave captions offered so far:

  • Putin is riding a horse with two asses.
  • I like how the safety helmet differentiates POTUS from the back end of the horse.
  • Obama climbing Bareback Mountain.
  • Putin: “Is that a riding crop in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?”
  • Obama: “I’m holdin’ on Precious Putin…You Brute You…”

#1 Best:

Leading from behind.



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Keeping American Liberals Stupid

2013_09 13 TIME covers



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What love is (and what it is not)

This piece is beautiful and a must read for anyone who thinks “love” is something you FEEL.

I didn’t love my wife when I married her


This line reminded me of something I did when my girls were growing up.

“Imagine a whole nation of people constantly chasing the emotions they had when they were dating. A country of people trying to live a Disney movie.”

We were watching a Muppet movie, the one where Kermit and Miss Piggy get married. They started singing this sappy song, “He’ll make me happy … she’ll make me happy”, and I just went ballistic. Hit the Most Important Parenting Tool Ever (the pause button) and went on a tear about … well, everything that guy said. We’d heard it at Engaged Encounter and it rung so true, probably because we’d both been blessed with parents who believed in real love. Our parents’ marriages were short on gush and long on commitment. It was something we both wanted in our own marriage, so we listened and learned.

There’s only one thing I don’t care for in this piece and that is that he quotes the “one in two marriages end in divorce” statistic. That’s very deceptive. Here’s the real story:

MYTHBUSTER - 3 percent divorced 2+ times

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Hearing the voice of God

Deut 4 29 Seek me with all your heart

God created us with legitimate physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs.

When we hear these needs calling to us, we hear the voice of God.

Similarly, the good dreams and desires that fill our hearts are placed there by God and stirred by the Holy Spirit, to call us along the path of salvation.

When we hear these deepest desires calling us forth, we hear the voice of God

Finally, in creating us, God endowed us each with certain talents and abilities as tools for life.

When we hear our talents calling us forth, we hear the voice of God inviting us to fully participate in the adventure of salvation.

It is through prayer, reflection, the scriptures, the grace of the sacraments, the wisdom of the church, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit that we each can discover and walk the unique path that God is calling us to walk.

The world and all it has to offer can never content the human heart.

Only God can.

Excerpted from Rediscover Catholicism by Matthew Kelly, pages 50-51.

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