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Raising McCain

I’m really tired, so you’re going to have to work a little for the laughs, but trust me … it’s worth clicking and scrolling through three pages at Twitchy about Meghan McCain’s new t.v. show on Pivot network.

I googled and learned Pivot is a new cable channel launched by producer and president Evan Shapiro, who also writes for HuffPo. The ad says, it “has an appealingly humble aura. It’s diverse, it’s global, it’s progressive.” Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Mostly, it’s just Left. Which means Lame. But oh so mockworthy and Tweeters and Twitchy are up to the job! There’s some really funny stuff in these threads.

First, there was Meghan who took to Twitter to self-squee over an ad running for “Raising McCain.” Mocking ensued.


Second, Evan Shapiro (the producer and president of Pivot … I know you probly forgot that by now) took to Twitter to insult all the tweeters who had watched the premier and thought it stunk. Whining (Evan’s) and more mocking ensued.


Third, the ever-forgettable Evan Shapiro continued to snit tweet Meghan’s unfans the next day. Somehow it segued into a gun control debate. Evan predictably spit out all the usual Democrat Talking Points (minus any evidence, natch). Tweeters schooled him.


And in other cable entertainment ratings news, this season’s Duck Dynasty premier had more than 11 million viewers. Happy, happy, happy, happy.

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Math and history have an unfair conservative bias

2013_09 13 Reality suppression

  • How can @SenGiron scream “voter suppression” when turnout in 2013 was higher than in 3 of the last 6 odd year elections?
  • Funny @SenGiron claims she lost because voters couldn’t participate when she was originally appointed to the seat without a special election.
  • Maybe the voter suppression they’re complaining about is illegal voter suppression.
  • That and dead voter suppression.
  • The suppression of common sense and ethics is SOP for Democrats.
  • If voter suppression had actually occurred, it would have been news long before the polls closed. We wouldn’t have had to wait to hear it from Nellie McPoodlehead.

Nellie McPoodlehead


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Prayer request

Dearest worked at a charity function on Saturday and got something mega smelly on himself. He did what he usually does after being around smelly people … dump his clothes in the wash immediately, come up in his jockeys and take a shower immediately.

But whatever this stuff is, it’s oily and potent. My best guess is man’s cologne. It’s got that musky, deep quality to it. The stench transferred to the shower walls, especially our two cloth shower curtains, so I got a good big dose when I went in after Dearest’s shower. I ripped down the shower curtains and threw them down the stairs to the basement.

When Dearest got back from walking the dogs, I was manic with the smell and shouted at him. Poor man. He washed the curtains, put them up and took another shower. It wasn’t enough. So I got another big dose and threw the curtains back down the stairs, along with the mat and towels.

I’ve been spraying with hydrogen peroxide. If I felt well enough, I’d scrub the tub but I don’t so I chucked a box of baking soda in there and sprayed white vinegar on it.

The smell is getting better and I’ve been praying for hours about God’s will and letting Him bring to mind all the times I did something thoughtless or careless that hurt someone so I can repent (again) and offer this up.

I feel so awful; I am barely able to sit up. Dearest just spent about 15 minutes on the porcelain throne, so I’m thinking I’m not the only one who is hurting. He’s exhausted and asleep now. Tomorrow, he’s going to have to run those curtains through the wash/dry until I can’t smell a whiff. Hoping that’ll be the end of it.

Thank you!


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